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  1. I remember saying to mrs wiz that boy will go far during his first race so many years ago. Will be seriously hard to break any new or old records he has now...for the newcomers the changes will be rolling too fast with so many new talents on the horizon. charles did a good job, as did others too but Lewis is just in a different league today, even Valteri couldn’t keep up.
  2. You can't use a non balanced headphone cable and plug with the 4.4mm (pentacon) and 2.5mm balanced outputs... use a 3.5mm to 6.25mm (1/4") cable doing so with a non balanced cable and plug will blow the Fiio balanced amps so heed my warning or you risk damage. or but a pentacon 4.4mm cable to HS800 connection. These are available at places like E1 maybe or stereo or music sanctuary or other online shops
  3. What are you upgrading from...how much did you have to pay and any discounts, plus what carrier? what model option and memory did you get?
  4. Even Koba have UK sized boxes with USA power outlets. https://kobaelectronics.com/password
  5. same all 3 but also focus now is 2 channel and 2nd maybe head a distant 2nd
  6. The forum was acquired by StereoNet.Asia you should have got an email in the last few days explaining this.
  7. seems to be working for other areas and sign ins but what the hey...
  8. 92 wins just around the corner...glad Danny got a podium again at last with Renault. sorry for Valteri but luck of the draw I guess. Max did well to keep up.
  9. Glad the stewards saw sense and gave Lewis 2 points back on his super lic ... team heads should roll...
  10. Yeah even max is surprised :o
  11. Wah Lewis that was touch n go...will be an interesting start with the 2 silver arrows on different tyres
  12. Well if you can return it if you are not happy with the result go for it, but I have yet to hear a difference between Ethernet cables in my setup. Ymmv of course, and in the end it’s only your ears you have to please.
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