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  1. well always gonna be haters... but this is still a great speaker in its latest update 3.3.1 without messing it up for non ASP operations.
  2. I just visited SH and they advised just use SH app to sign up to D+ (6 months min but 2 months are free) and dont bother with new SHTV+ as you lose too much like recording option. If you have other streaming options like casting or ATV or Fire or CCU then you dont really need it. If you are new subscriber or reconstruct you might have to take the new box...be warned.
  3. If you have this bracket please let me know...2 pieces needed only.
  4. @StereoNET can you please remove this post as I no longer need to look for these.
  5. Anyone selling something sturdy, preferably steel and fillable or filled let me know. I need these a bit taller than the usual 24" stands and will consider up to maybe even up to 36-40"
  6. Ready buyer if you have one forsale
  7. what build are you specifically pursuing? electronic components are all generally available at mouser/digikey/rs online etc. woodwork would need to DIY based on the plans you purchased or get from Frank via the https://www.magiclx521.com site
  8. if you have MSD available let me know... prefer BNIB but used also OK.
  9. probably losing one of the power supply +/-15V rails
  10. I can attest to the effort required to DIY speakers...lots oh hours and custom work (not just a square box) add even more effort. see my DIY build here.... http://walaneh.com/LX521/
  11. Another bro passed me some to try but I really need the full 4K ideally. nope didn’t get a pm from you. But I’ll send you one too.
  12. Jimi!!! You still in sg? Txt me same number or pm me if yr still around
  13. Lewis is now C19 positive, bummer won’t be seeing him race this next round
  14. Anyone selling...need a few 0.5-1M moshou or mono price but consider anything decent.
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