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  1. What do you expect from products that are Made in America.
  2. Wow, already 4 and a half years with the D1-Dual, still loving it.
  3. Bye all. Will not be reading or posting for a while. Will be going on a hiatus, enjoying my movies, my Hifi and other stuff in life.
  4. Yes I did the proper Audyssey calibration. The calibration is not new to me. I had the 4810 for a decade. The surround was near seamless and 3D, better than the 4810. The frequency response was good. Dynamics were good too. Just that the sound was flat and inorganic typical of new equipment before burn-in.
  5. No centre. I have been advocating no centre, but not everyone believes in the merit of not using a centre. So I leave the centre or no centre debate as it is.
  6. Nowadays I spend more time watching movies than listening to my DAC. I just bought the 8500 last evening from Aldephi. Spent an hour to install and did the room correction calibration. My setup is 2 Front, 2 Surround, 2 Rear Surround, 2 Front Height & 2 subs. Watched a movie. My assessment is it is a bit flat and inorganic. I guess it needs burn-in.
  7. This afternoon I sold off my trusty 4810 which I had enjoyed it for a decade of movies. Need a replacement, I think the 8500 is what I need.
  8. Intend to buy the 8500. Where can I buy in Aldephi or Sim Lim Square?
  9. The new Sasha DAW looks gorgeous. I wish I had a pair in my living room. Cant really enjoy the music cause it was noisy fish market in that room.
  10. Just came back from show. Same layout 3rd floor and 7th floor. Lots of Taiwanese on the 7th floor. Selling away my Sat or Sun ticket plus special AG CD at $10. Self collect at Hume Park 2 condo. PM me.
  11. Turn your head upside down when listening. Added benefit, you will have more blood flowing to your brains, and your hearing will be enhanced.
  12. I dont use Centre. I divert the Centre signals to the Front Left and Right. This achieves an integrated and seamless frontal soundstage.
  13. Has anyone got the good fortune to try this before? From Furutech http://www.monoandstereo.com/2017/10/new-furutech-ncf-booster.html
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