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  1. Can any one good repair man for such repairs, faulty one channel sometimes no sound. Thks................
  2. In very excellent condition and clean, everything works well. Asking S$ 650-00 , call / sms 86277960 if interested.
  3. Interested to buy above amp, not the Lite version. If have one for sale can sms me 84303033..thks
  4. Open to suggestions....don't know wha else good in this price range...
  5. thks jsen...might take up the generous offer after the holidays. Sound wise think astin trew got the edge & perhaps sound like closed to my liking warm sid of things....the pearl has better built quality and plays sacd & etc not that I have many sacds .... But reluctant to go towards marantz is the servicing sucks.. My previous hi-end marantz dead and they can't do a thing . The pearl drive would be an issue , customised and all. For longevity perhaps the astin trew have the edge vm1202 philips cheap plentifull and easily replaced . Will ponder over the holid
  6. As a CD player which is a better choice Marantz SA-KI Pearl (can play SACD) or AstinTrew AT3500 Plus. Price I think abt the same, the marantz looks better built....sound wise seeking opinion..thks
  7. Budget around 1.8k - 3K......like to consider something on the low end that's good ...looking at Denon 100th anniversary CD/SACD player but out of budget for this one...any suggestions ....thks
  8. Can anyone suggest/tel me where to buy Thorens TD150 belts , or also belts for aristons...thks
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