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  1. Fast drumming by Metallica didn’t work well with the Mcintosh. But you should be the judge of it and in your system. Ares II home audition is available so just contact. Alvin @ Vinshine audio.
  2. I have been using an Audioquest Niagara 1000 for a few years now and I have tried many combos and my inference is that my digital front and my class D amp benefited when used with the Audioquest. With a tube amp, I was not able to find it better or worse. Since it doesn’t make it worse, I am plugging my tube amp also into it. But I know many who prefer to plug amps directly into the wall. I guess you have to try it for yourself.
  3. We have already got 6 members from the forum so my plan is full. Thanks to those who PM me. Cheers
  4. I find qobuz to be more natural sounding. Tidal seems to be a little boosted. Qobuz seems to have more details. The decay of cymbals seems more real in Qobuz. Btw I don’t have an MQA dac. After using both for about 2 weeks now, I have decided to move to Qobuz. 4 members have confirmed. Need two more to maximise the family plan. Cheers
  5. So I checked again, you only need to be on vpn to sign up. After that you can sign in through Roon or the web app. If you want to download it on your phone, then you need to do it from the US store.
  6. I am not sure about that. I am using my brother's card for the trial.
  7. @jerome_the_lang - Hey Jerome, I have an US credit card and I also have a VPN so I could sign up. Me and some of my mates are planning on taking the family plan option which works out to 66 sgd per year if we are able to form a group of 6 users. Let me know if you or others are keen to team up. As of now, I have 2 confirmed so need another 4 before we can sign up. Cheers Also I am using Viewquest broadband so im not sure if that has a role or not.
  8. I just signed up for a trial of Qobuz. I did some casual A/B. To my ears 16/44 on Qobuz sounds better. I dont have an MQA device so I didnt want to compare how they fare on MQA. But I am seriously considering moving to Qobuz. It takes out the guesswork of if you are indeed getting high res or not as your dac will be able to tell you that. I have been a Tidal user for about 5 years now and while I am happy with its catalogue , being tied to a hardware is kinda restrictive for me. And also what I kinda learnt today. Tidal Masters is not taken from the Artist's master. My bad that I didn't
  9. Arcam is not Roon ready. Can only use Roon via Chromecast. Also Roon will require another device so it’s not ideal for him. Thankfully tidal connect is expected to come to Arcam so that should fix his concern. Also for people who only stream from the cloud, Roon is not relevant.
  10. A buddy of mine bought this recently and really likes the amp. I find it to be on the warm side of neutral. It is not the most detailed amp out there but it should do well for most speakers. The only problem I have with it is that the usability is horrible. The mconnect software is so bad that my friend only uses Chromecast to play tidal. Also it it is not a roon certified device. It was one big lie that Arcam made and it has escalated badly in their forums. If they can fix the software, I think this could be a good amp for those who want a one box musical solution. He has not tried the Dirac
  11. No mate. I have only had the LM-88 and now the LM-150. Those WE based designs im sure sound magical but it has zero WAF so unlikely, there will be one in my house. Hahaha
  12. So here is part two of my LM journey. After a 3 month wait, The amp was finally delivered by Robert Lai and immediately it made a big visual splash. There is something about the big tubes and those Vu Meters. A lot like the red sox and their pin stripes! Quickly fired the bad boy and there was immediately a difference in how this sounded differently to the LM88. The LM88 was warmer(tubey) and the LM150 sounded more neutral maybe with a hint of warmth overall. I did not want to do any critical listening whatsoever and wanted to give the amp good time to settle in. Played it for about 8 hours a
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