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  1. You are better of investing in a high resolution streaming service like Qobuz or Tidal. No matter what equipment you use, the output is not going to be any where close to the source or the digital high res. The only reason why it might be worth it is if it’s a rare vinyl and there is no high res or CD available.
  2. Item: Kef Reference 1 Location: Novena Price: 6500 Item Condition: Used 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Cash/Pay La and Carry Extra Info: 4 years old. Local set. Comes with Box and all papers. Will throw in Dali Stands. Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  3. Thanks to Everyone. My buddy has bought a dealer demo Revel Salon 2.
  4. The Pontus II has finally reached after a very long wait!
  5. Look from Jays Audio. They have a very good LPS for 225. Reach out to Alvin.
  6. Interested in a Trade? I have a Peachtree Nova 300
  7. I honestly was quite sceptical about the Gaia. But it really changed my opinion on what it can do. I am not sure if everyone will like it because it kinda cleans up the bass and it might give the perception of bass being removed but in reality it is actually tighter and faster bass which helps the midrange and highs to not be muddled from the excess bass. I paid 580 for them and quite frankly this has been a better return on investment than any other "Tweak" that I have tried out.
  8. Yes. Pilixr is for the NP5 and I am very happy with the purchase. The NP5 by itself is pretty respectable. It easily bests a bluesound node2i as a transport but with the addition of the LPS, I noticed the sound to be smoother and tighter overall. You dont really notice the difference immediately but use it for a day and then switch back to stock and you will feel like the soundstage collapsed. I paid 450 for a traded in model. Reach out to James at Sound Affairs. He is very helpful. At this price it is surely a good deal.
  9. Primare NP5 + Pilixr Elite + Gaia 2 - All 3 have been great buys. ROI is Huge!
  10. Thanks. I have already bought the Primare and coax works great. I only stream Qobuz so 24/192 is all I care about.
  11. I called the Centrepoint store. The guy was keen to know what my budget was and what speaker I have bla bla bla. He was sounding like a furniture sales man. Not an audio guy. The problem with Wharfedale is that is a budget brand and is being retailed through dealers who are box pushers. So for someone to drop 10k +, they will need to have a good audition experience and I am not sure the current dealers can give that. Not blaming them as they are in the mass market model. I dont expect many Elysians to be sold unless it is displayed in a decent showroom with decent equipment.
  12. https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/wharfedale-elysian-4
  13. Nice. I bought the lintons from the sim lim store.
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