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  1. Year 2013 Randomly read an article on cnet how a high end speaker designer created a 129 dollar speaker that was making waves. Ended up buying a Pioneer BS22-LR speaker, A 20 dollar Lepai LP2020 amp. Source was YouTube via rca from TV. The bug bit me really hard and since then changed 3 speakers and 4 amps. Deep down that rabbit hole.
  2. Indeed. I have been writing to Roon and Tidal for a long time now. To have a Spotify connect like option for Tidal so that we do not depend on the sub par software that most manufacturers try to create which is not their core skill. Blusound was a decent option but still not as good as using the native Tidal app. Pretty much any DAC which can catch a wireless stream and can decode MQA now becomes a streaming device. Standalone streamers and software might become redundant for streaming users. Good news for the consumer as we will now have more brands and different price points.
  3. This is probably the end of Roon for people like me who used Roon only for streaming. https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/tidal-connect-launches-on-bluos
  4. A friend recently bough the Arcam SA30. A very musical amp with strong set of features including room correction. Priced very well too. You can compare these with the Hegels when you go to audition.
  5. A friend of mine has bought the Arcam SA30 integrated and it comes with Dirac. I will report on how Dirac works once the amps and speaker break in.
  6. Posting for a friend. Please contact me below https://sg.carousell.com/p/super-rare-ge-6550a-anos-tubes-with-original-box-matched-quads-1039553435/?t-id=5680804_1601259056818&t-referrer_request_id=xWCjCPXSXUO9hgLh
  7. Posting for a friend. Can take all 3 or just the Floor Standers. These are in mint condition. Please contact me on below. https://sg.carousell.com/p/wharfedale-jade-5-further-reduction-1036898882/?t-id=5680804_1601259056818&t-referrer_request_id=FPULfXLJtbdEWN46
  8. Thanks Everyone. The following are in his list of priority as of now. 1) Vivid Kaya 45 - Yet to Audition 2) Sonus Faber Serafino - Yet to Audition 3) Wilson Audio Sabrina X - Yet to Audition 4) Gershman Avant Garde - Yet to Audition
  9. Are these available in Singapore?
  10. You summed it up really well on the challenges that we all face especially if our co habitants are tone def! So his current living room is 20 X 10 feet. Speakers are placed along the longer wall. Listening distance is about 6 feet. He is looking to move into a bigger space this summer so he will try his best to find an older condo which offers more space. So the assumption is that his listening space will not become any smaller. Ideally his next house will have a bigger listening space. He is looking at listening from at least 10 to 12 feet with distance between speakers around the same. He sh
  11. Can you please share the model as well so that its easy to read about. Thanks
  12. Interesting point you made on the B&W. We have listened to them at their Lavender, Millenia Walk and the Adelphi outlet and came back disappointed each time. All times it was driven by Rotel gear. The sound was very thin and the top end was bright and the bass was non existent. Seriously could not understand the hype behind these speakers but maybe it was the room. Visually it is awesome but we just never managed to like it. He picked the Kef Reference 1 over these.
  13. So, I shared the list with him and his thoughts are as follows 1) The ATC 50 - He doesn't like the looks of it for the money and he feels it is too old. He is looking at speakers which ideally were launched after 2018. And he doesn't want actives since he likes the hobby. 2) I believe he will drop the Kef and Focal from the race unless Kef or Focal announce a new speaker before the end of the year. 3) The Sonus Faber Homage series is something that he will audition but he is not sure if they will fall under the price range. He will also audition the Olympica series. The Sonus Faber
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