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  1. Yes bro, the remastering engineers really did an incredible job!
  2. Good thread to estimate the age of forum members 😄
  3. Got this OOP box set at last. I seems to be always late in getting stuff 😆
  4. Thanks for the alert. Have u heard their other titles?
  5. Interesting. Wonder why I have not heard of this CTD until now
  6. PMed you. Ok $100, what LP shd I buy with it? 😍
  7. Paynow $100 to me and I'll gladly do it hahahahahhahaha
  8. The best RCM for lazy bastards like me 😆
  9. I bet these are the best versions of the respective titles. Remastered by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman about a decade ago. I have heard Nat on various LPs and CDs and have never heard him sound so real and alive
  10. Frankly, I don't even give a flying **** what is considered hifi or what is not. What I care most about is tat I enjoy my hifi and I really fuxking do. Fcuking missed it whenever I am not at home 😍
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