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  1. Yes I did consider looking at the Oppo 205 but unfortunately they don't sell them new anymore unless you see them for close to 10k on ebay! That switcher looks great, looks like a passive one too? Which Purifi amplifier are you using? I'm thinking about waiting for the new MXA-8400 but know there are a few companies making them in mono and stereo editions, Nord, March Audio, Apollon Audio and Audiophonics.
  2. Thanks Bryan, I currently have no room treatments and plan to get some added (especially first reflection points and corner/ceiling bass traps) later on so action+Movie is probably best for now. Even though RP has already impressed me immensely especially the bass response and the integration with my S300 LCR speakers are faultless to me in stereo mode. I'm now looking to get a decent streamer (with dsd support) that has good synergy with the MP-60. Any good recommendations? regards, Edd
  3. So I played 3 files, first was a DTX-X file which the logo lights up, then tried 8-10 different Atmos tracks and it shows Dolby Atmos - TrueHD for 2 seconds then it goes away and just the "HD Audio" stays. I think this is probably normal. If i did have height channels I bet the atmos Logo would show up too. When i pause the files, it does change audio to "Audio 192.0 kHz 7.1.0 PCM" and then when i resume/play it shows the decoding. I've also attached my speaker setup as well for reference. This processor is dangerous, you can turn up the volume to insane levels and watch for
  4. DTS-MA seems to work out and everything else seems to be just "HD Audio which is definitely surround but I don't know what audio codec it's using. My previous processor detected DTS-MA/TruHD/Atmos fine with same settings. I don't want to go back into speaker config and add extra speaker locations since that will require RP measurements again - on second thought, i did back up already so i suppose i could go in and make some changes then load the backup again. My theory is the LFE channel is not selected since I'm using Aux1/Aux2 and no height channels are visible so the processor will no
  5. Yes I tried this and no difference. Do i need to enable LFE channel and height speakers for the decoder to work, even though I don't have any? I would have thought i would get TruHD Surround at least.
  6. So the MP-60 is setup now and I've level matched, added sub amp delays. Took me 9 measurements to get to 99%. Amazing sound quality, i'm speechless at how transparent and dynamic the preamp/processor is. It's in a different league to other ones I bet. In my speaker configuration I have 5 speakers setup + Aux1 + Aux 2. (FL C FR SL SR Front sub 1 Front sub 2) I am bitstreaming from madvr htpc. No LFE channel. I have an issue though, playing atmos/TrueHD and DTS-MA mkv remux files, I only see the HD Audio logic light up? What is wrong with my config?:
  7. Thanks, quite exciting! I have dual X12 subs so the people on Avforum have been given the latency figures for that sub model already. In order for me to level match and set the trim, I do need a minidsp balanced device and set the levels before RP then, or it is jew REW + acoustic timing reference feature.
  8. Hi everyone, So I've taken the plunge and will be receiving my MP-60 soon. It's advisable to use REW to level match and set distances before i start RP? Also currently I have 2 subs, I intend to put them both in Front L + R corner and then I have another custom horm sub being made for the back right corner. My main use is 70% HT 30% music. I've read most of the Lyngdorf threads here and in other forums (Avsforum/avforum) and there appears to be some debate on how to setup multiple subs. Either we have all 3 of my subs set as LFE - for more even room response (standa
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