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  1. Thanks, I understand, if I do get the originals it will be very select albums due to the price, but then usually those are the most expensive albums. lol So the original 33rpm releases should sound better than later 45rpm releases in most cases?
  2. Hi guys, I am starting to collect vinyls but noticed recently that more and more old albums are being reissued so I am in a dilemma as to which version to get. I don't want to have to get both versions to test out. For example, here are some specific artists I am interested in: Dave Wong (Wong Kit) Leslie Cheung Jacky Cheung Faye Wong Would it be worth the hassle to get the original releases if I am just after sound quality and not so much collectibility? For something like this https://www.yesasia.com/us/luk-siu-fung-vinyl-lp-
  3. Are all their releases really that bad? I do not have the originals to compare. lol
  4. Nice, how's the sound quality for the TTs? I am gonna order when they ship again to Canada. πŸ™‚
  5. They release a lot of these songs in the mainland within LPs named "Shanghai Night" or other similar titles. But I think they are the original versions, not this exact cover version.
  6. Perhaps some TT shall be next, thanks to you. 😜
  7. Thanks, now I just need a setup that is worth more than these. lol
  8. Awesome, it seems a corner bump is common for this, same on mine. Lol
  9. Got these recently, Jay Chou set finally arrived, though some of the vinyls have a bit of minor wear on the corners (did anyone else have this problem?). Was also lucky enough to find a promo copy of the Stereo Jimi Hendrix boxset to go with the Mono version so I am very happy now. πŸ™‚
  10. The posts here got me hyped and made me order a set. lol Speaking of TT LPs, I am new to collecting, how do the sound quality compare between the subsequent pressings and the first press? Do the first presses sound better or are they only for collectors' purposes? Do Chinese vinyls have an audiophile company like Mofi or Analogue Productions that do premium, top of the line, analog pressings? I know Stereo Sound is doing TT which I also own (searching for both volume 1 s still :()
  11. Got it, thanks. I wanted to order them from HMV Japan but they don't seem to be shipping overseas yet due to COVID. :(
  12. Are the Japanese releases confirmed to be Taurus? It only says Universal Music on the Website. I am a noob so I do not know how this stuff works at all. :-[
  13. Can anyone comment on the new Japanese Teresa Teng re-releases? How's the sound quality? :-*
  14. Can anyone comment on the general sound quality for the Stereo Sound releases of Teresa Teng and Japanese music? :-*
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