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  1. "And he was there not to make-up with her, mind u, he was there to break-up with her nicely, basically to let her know she was worth it!!!" That's a true gentleman! Thanks for sharing westendboy. Every song when the songwriter wrote has his own life story or journey. Some song will just hit us with a story that touches our hearts. Thats music or songs which was meant to be. An expressions of feelings that we been through.
  2. Some songs can be depressing and yet just able to make you stop for a moment to reflect whats life been going around you. Such incredible talent & voice,and at such a young age when he wrote this song in his 20s. Beautifully structured song which just flow effortlessly & of course,with such meaningful lyrics. To me,its the best song in the "American Pie" album,even better than Vincent & the Main Title song in my humble opinion. Have a listen to it,appreciate its profoundness yet simplicity. A lesser known song but certainly a Gem anytime you listen to it. :) Crossro
  3. Hi blue starfish, am also 100% analogue,keen to listen too if ok..:)
  4. If its there,it is to be heard,whether or not the producer wanted the listener to pick up is another matter :) Its supposed to be "Hi-Fidelity" & "Real"
  5. Tried turn off TV mains which is connected to wifi router,TV,DVD player etc. As you said,the "clarity & separation" slightly improved,thus details & image better.But since Bro Austrich helped me to run a dedicated mains to my hifi room. Improvements more significant,so no problems with wifi or tv turn on or off. ;) Power Amplifies seemed upgraded 30%.
  6. If you set it up properly, you will have no chance to look back already :)
  7. kaka2rock


    Agreed with naimster..:) just part of one's musical journey/or learning curve that at times,we got too involved with audiophile Cd/Lp stuffs..Audiophile may not equal to Good Music..then when you starts to branch out from there, its really Musicality that you forcuss on,then the tuning of system will definitely be more interesting & fun..then its the versatility of the system setup already..:) IMHO
  8. Thanks for sharing, Bro Joamonte ;) Musical journey differs from one to another. For me,is to ease over my most difficult period in life. Music is sometimes uplifting,swing,happy & mind stimulating but it can also be sorrow,painful & heart-breaking. But thats how the Music the songwriters/singers who felt n went through their stages of life as well. I listen every day 2-3 hrs,but i know that as long as there is Good Music, is enough. If at times,equipment faulty, just pick up my drum n play..at least have an excuse to practise :p So,best is try not to get carried away,
  9. Some recordings are particularly obvious & others not. Dont know so much abt CD,listening to Lps only.Sometimes just listen with a clear mind,you will pick up more details than u can imagine..:)
  10. That's the enjoyment of a Fidelity & the Art of Listening :) Bro,to add on,when you are able to listen to the swallowing of saliva when the singer starts to sing,or the parting of singer's lips for each phrase/line of song..e.g.cowboy junkies-the Trinity Session,Aaron Neville/Linda R on the Don't Know Much song..
  11. When system becomes very transparent, and one still cannot feel emotions; and the same recording brought to similar transparent systems but still give the same 'emotionless' sonics - the recording no hope liao ::) Many recordings are guilty of this. Hi, If that happened,then its the record company themselves to blame. Usually,the record company have to book the Recording Engineers and the Mastering Engineer Way Way in Advance for their slot or if not,they have to get them recorded well and then let the Real "Master" Mastering Engineer before release. They do hope that their reco
  12. Interesting Topic though it may read as "Are Our Equipments able to Convey the Emotions the Artists Tries Putting Across?" The Music itself needs not be too complicated,Just 1 voice & 1 musical equipment. Can try Tuck & Patti.Cos the Human voice projects a range which no instrument can ever replace..that's the emotions & voice istelf. The Instrument in the Musician's hands translates his emotions/feelings through his playing/techniques and improvises it to give that piece of music an arrangement which no other artists can achieve.In short,the "Soul" or "Character" as TradeM
  13. Thanks desray,your opinion confirmed my perception/resevation before watching the movie. Andy Lau as Jet Li's role in the original movie? Sori,just not for me. Wu Jing is a WuShu expert,think also won several martial arts competition like Jet Li in China i think before.His scene against Zhen Zi Dan in the Ganster Movie is epic. Funny,in that scene,from their skills,am not convinced that Wu Jing will lose out Zhen..Haha
  14. Concertino Bi wire series? If it is,am using the same speakers as you do. Its my first and only speakers that i own. ;D Never regreted when my fren advised not to sell when was having the same thought as you. Until you have fully maximise or bring out the best of the speakers,would you have done justice to the speakers. Besides,whats makes you bought the speakers in the first place? IMO,Your first choice i believe is oso your preference of what you like to hear.First speakers should therefore use it as your reference point. Am oso using in a dedicated HDB room, its ama
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