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  1. Sure bro, will drop you a pm when I have the time to go over
  2. I was using an exposure 3010 pre-power combo. If I'm being completely honest, the only thing the exposure pre does better is that the bass is punchier. So for the price I paid for this, I would say its totally worth the money. I curious as to how the brzhifi power amp pairs up too!
  3. ChiFi preamp finally arrived. Its a clone JC2. Initial impressions are good, uncolored and natural mids, extended highs, controlled low end, and deep soundstage. This is my first ChiFi product and I must say I'm really impressed considering how much they cost.
  4. ChiFi preamp, surprisingly really good for the money.
  5. Can share where you got this from and how much was it? I'm looking for a chifi pre amp as well. Cheers!
  6. If you buy any records from him, you can get them cleaned before taking them home for free too. You should have a listen to the huge Edgar horns at the demo room too.
  7. Looking for Exposure 3010S2 Preamp. Trades/ trade with top-up on either side can be discussed as well. Contact 91one7three6two4
  8. What is your budget for speakers, amp, source etc..?
  9. That said, I too, am curious how the evo series sounds like given that they have an AMT tweeter. Hopefully they have that top end extension and sparkle now.
  10. I still have my first pair of speakers that got me into this hobby, the Wharfedale Diamonds 9.1. I also heard a friend's Diamond 230 and they seem to have a similar sound signature which is laid back and warm. Partnered with bright electronics, they can sparkle up top and yet still sound smooth. More of like a rounded off sound rather than a rolled off sound. Although I prefer brighter speakers, Wharfedales are very forgiving and still sound good with poorer recordings.
  11. I did audition the latest Bronze 100 when it came out and found it a little too flat and pretty harsh, but it could be due to the fact that they were not run in yet as it just got in stock when I went to audition them.
  12. Their designs look interesting with the concentric drivers similar to Tannoy. Haven't heard them myself but will definitely do so when I have the chance.
  13. I had a pair of Wharfedale diamonds previously that I found a little too rolled off at the top and too warm for my liking. I wonder if the Lintons/Dentons would sound similar, although I must admit, their looks alone would make me want to own a pair ?. I actually was curious about the Carinas too, guess I'll head down for a listen when I have the time. Cheers! Thanks for the recommendations!
  14. I have the Borea 03 in another system and I like everything about how it sounds for the given price. So I'm looking for something similar in sound perhaps with a faster bass and more detailed sound.
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