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  1. Isn’t it logical for the Manufacturer to say that a current production unit is better than an EOL product ? 😝
  2. If your Zidoo is using a 12v SMPS, don’t bother using a better power cord as that PSU is the bottleneck. You may have better results replacing that PSU to something better. 😉
  3. I cannot comment on this LPSU as it’s not stated which type of voltage regulator is used in the design. Personally, I prefer fixed voltage outputs or selectable fixed voltages instead of using a trim resistor to adjust. Maybe others who have tried can give their feedbacks. But the price is definitely very reasonable. For your power requirements and at similar price range, you can also check out the ifi iPower or iPowerX. These are very Low noise SMPS.
  4. I’m not EEE trained so I might be wrong. All SMPS have built in EMI filters because SMPS generate lots of noise so the filters are there to prevent high EMI affecting other electrical appliances and also to comply with regulations. So maybe that’s why in your example, by switching on your laptop ac adaptor, it helped to reduce the EMI noise but not in the magnitude of 1 unit of Greenwave filter. Btw, I did my own testing in the daytime when the base EMI reading was in the 30s. When I switched on my HP ac adaptor, it increases the EMI to 40s. When I switched on anoth
  5. Whether it’s a dedicated single output or dual outputs, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is what kind of circuit is the unit using for each and every rail of DC output. And if you looking at some specific products, you can just list them down so that people who owns or have experienced with them can give their comments. If you do not have anything in mind, at least you need to list down your required DC voltage and Ampere ratings so that people can recommend which to go for. Lastly, to list down your budget would be good because in terms o
  6. Thanks for sharing a very informative article but why do you consider the Greenwave filter snake oil when it’s having 3 capacitors inside ? Whether EMF has effects of health, I leave it for all to believe or rebut. However, when it comes to reduction of EMI, isn’t the Greenwave filter doing what it’s supposed or advertised to do ?
  7. For long runs, Fiber can be cheaper than Cat7/8 but you will need to know how to get them connected from point to point. Else just stick with Cat 7 or 8.
  8. If you or your other half finds that running network cables is a bit obtrusive, you can also consider running fiber instead. ?
  9. More than 10k ok? https://www.melbournehifi.com.au/products/nordost-odin-2-power-cables
  10. It's supposed to be connected to your stereo speakers. It's like a pass thru' connection from your stereo amp
  11. The SPKR in on your subwoofer is meant for you to connect speaker outputs from stereo amps into it. So you can safely do so.
  12. Based on my personal listening, I suggest you skip Electrocompaniet. I find they don’t have Synergy with your speakers. I was also considering the Electro when I was shopping for my amp to drive my Tradition. Just a note. Amp Power Ratings are not everything.
  13. @Rogerthat Just curious what amp are you using now and what do you feel is lacking ?
  14. It’s not the cable but rather the Charger itself. In general, most generic DC adaptors are noisy and will inject the noise back into the AC. If it’s a must to plug in an AC adaptor into the same power strip as our Hi-Fi, consider replacing it with an ifi or LPSU.
  15. You can switch your left and right interconnects from your DAC outputs to verify.
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