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  1. I ripped my CD in Flac format (not sure but I remember I choose the lower compression) to a 128GB thumb drive. Then I just plug the thumb drive into my Hifi. For sure not all hifi equipments can work from a thumb drive. Again I am not sure here. The functionality of plugging a thumb drive into my hifi equipment is limited compare to connect it to a NAS in my case. On the NAS you can run a program something like a renderer. This will allow you to have nice graphic interface. But I do not want more equipment (i.e. a NAS) and also do not want to use wifi to connect the NAS to my hi
  2. Hi hifi_enthusiast, Looking at the picture, the pin is TRRRS, that is there are 4 connectors and a sleeve The initial "TR" should be left+ and left-. The next "RR" should be right+ and right-. The "s" should be the ground. I believe the cable connects only to "left+", "right+" and "ground". "Left-" and "right-" are unconnected. So now the question is, is it better to use the non-balanced 3.5mm output, or from the 4.4mm balanced output?
  3. Okay thanks. So only option for me as you said is from 3.5mm male to 1/4" female. Even this option is not that common. I did try ask Stereo but they only have the "plug" type, not the cable type.
  4. Hi, I recently changed my DAP to Fiio. I am using Sennheiser hd800 which has a 1/4" jack. But the biggest jack accept by the Fiio DAP is 4.4mm. So I have to look for a 4.4mm jack (male) to 1/4" jack (female) adaptor. I hope to get the type with a short flexible cable. I try to look for it online but seem that it is not common. Is there somewhere I can get it in Singapore, or get it online? Thanks.
  5. I brought a 120" fix screen for $37.00 (yes thirty seven dollar, including shipment). Still waiting for it be delivered. https://www.gearbest.com/projector-accessories/pp_009965836837.html?wid=1433363
  6. Thanks dXter, ngsk. Your sites are more suitable then Pinterest, something I found from goggle.
  7. Does the problem occur if you are in the room for the same duration but without anything playing (i.e. quiet)? Maybe it is the sealed room that created the issue?
  8. Hi, Looking for recommendation for wall paper @ 4K resolution and with the appropriate aspect ratio. Can be static or dynamic (but do not favor video). Can be free or chargeable. Does such things exist? Thanks
  9. Come across this type of projector screen. It raise from the floor, instead of drop down from ceiling. [embed=425,349] [/embed] Anyone use before? I assume the mechanism reliability will be a problem after some time?
  10. Hi, There is this shop at ground level opposite United Square (directly opposite the side door at Toast box) doing close down sales : FUJITONE model FET-7000 AM-FM brand new set at S$10 National Panasonic Cassette language LAB brand new set at S$15 (only 2 set left)
  11. CD player does not just extract data from CD and send to DAC. The digital data are manipulated to improve the sound (aka "house sound").
  12. The digital antenna that come with the DRACO DVB-T2 receiver is in ugly black and with black cable. Anyone here tried spraying paint and verified it can still work after that?
  13. I was in the room yesterday. Initially I was very disappointed. But when I happened to lean forward to have a closer listen, I found the problem. I was seated on the left side of the back row and the room acoustic over there destroyed the music completely. When I moved to the front row, things were so much better and I can feel the magic of this speaker.
  14. A list of exhibitor has been put up in the organizer's facebook page. Look like a lot of local shop not participating this year.
  15. I overhead during the show it is $400 for the basic version and $500 for the better version.
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