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  1. Thanks win bro to allow me and my friend to come to your place at such a short notice time.
  2. Well, you can ask for a relocation of TP point from your respective ISP.
  3. Elecom has its own shop in lazada, you might want to check it out.
  4. https://www.audioholics.com/av-receiver-reviews/denon-a110
  5. hmm..what about RSP-1576MKII that includes DIRAC Live Full room correction software?
  6. This one correct? https://www.stereo.net.au/news/rotel-updates-surround-sound-processors
  7. Rotel just announced AVR with Dirac if i am not wrong.
  8. looking at it..maybe the upgraded X8500H might be around $6k?
  9. Yes, i think i also read your post somewhere. I got the SMSL AD18 recently but was not really happy with it as the temperature is quite hot when touching it even when the aircon is on.
  10. Does anyone has any experience on these 2 integrated amp? :) 1. Denon PMA-60 2. TEAC AI-301DA-X 3. Cambridge Audio ALL IN ONE Thanks.
  11. Same here, I am interested to get 1 or 2 to test it out.
  12. Hi ronildoq, This item looks very interesting. I am wondering whether this thing able to plug to the 4 way extension plug that is use for my computer or not?
  13. Looks like there is a 1. CD player 2. Integrated amp ? 3. AV receiver
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