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  1. Yes, good value phone. i waiting for them to fix the ghosting issue..not sure is hardware or software problem now.
  2. Seems like they not bringing in the IQoo series. IQoo7 looks OK. My friend said can try Samsung s20 FE also.
  3. nowadays they come back with cassette tape?? 🤑 https://ushop.umwebzine.com/3512827.html?fbclid=IwAR31LNdguUPnBOl19OTveG56ImyOiZbO36hLdTSMzPt4mjmygRC_IdxJSI4
  4. more updates (link taken from other forum) https://www.avcesar.com/actu/id-32802/ces-21-onkyo-tx-nr5100-tx-nr6100-tx-nr7100-et-tx-rz50-8k-hdmi-21-40-gbps.html Also, price and date has been updated in the original first post link URL of the news in cnet https://www.cnet.com/news/onkyo-and-pioneers-2021-receivers-back-in-black-with-8k-video/
  5. Mine already more than 2 years, so warranty already over. I checked replacement of glass might cost about $200.
  6. i might be looking for replacement for my mate 20 pro liao...few days ago piak on the floor and screen glass broke got long long line...sianz 1/2
  7. Yeah, it seems like the loading is faster and lesser buffering. hope it last that way.
  8. Grats that you found the sub cables. so the 8 meter HDMI cables also gone then.
  9. Yeah..The salesman said ALL audio quest item as they are clearing the brand and not bringing in anymore ..My mini toslink is priced at $150, got it at $30.
  10. I only show my friend this. At bedok point. Still got left over HDMI cable but is 8 meter/12 meter length that is too long.
  11. Don't know is a good kangtao or not. Was shopping for mini toslink cable in shopping centre and found that Harvey Norman is clearing all the audioquest item at 80% discount. Bought my cinnamon mini toslink at $30..Time to go home fix on my android box.
  12. This is the website. https://www.stereosound-intlstore.jp/
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