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  1. Have anyone here ever use or see 8 track
  2. 18 years ago we were just bunch of kids pretending to be adults participated in hifi discussion. Aftet 18 years, We are still young now.
  3. We were young once. No money in the pocket (for me). I was so happy when I got a Walkman in school day. My Aiwa mini compo and 21 inch Toshiba TV was my first HT/music setup. Another 18 years later, I'll dig out this post to thank XP, Stereonet, and all of you to be along my hifi journey, by then I'll be old, possibly happy to use a simple clock radio, but still enjoy music.
  4. I have similar question on what is and what causes fast and slow. Do your system capable of sounding fast and also going slow ?
  5. 18 years ago. Chowbotak said mini combo don't count as first setup Still I started with an Aiwa mini combo, fondly remembered that it sound wonderful. Regret i didn't take a photo.
  6. https://www.gizmochina.com/2020/10/19/oppo-launches-the-enco-x-tws-earbuds-in-partnership-with-dynaudio-for-¥999149/
  7. Just tried , it works. Spotify still better. Tidal can't see the whole list of devices. For eg, If I use Tidal on my phone, I can only see the phone and the streamer. Or if I use Tidal on PC, I can only see the PC and streamer. Using Spotify, I can see all the devices, phone, tablet, PC, laptop and steamer.
  8. drzero, the 3rd thing is a ground cables. BlurRhino, have not try yet, i plugged in the cables just for taking photo, haha
  9. freedom is a fanciful name for ground cables
  10. Still running in R1, not properly set it up for use yet. Basically is the clean and incisive sounding type. I didn't listen to D9. 2 properly. I think just one song. Haha I kept talking about other things while Robert was trying to introduce the speakers.
  11. Temporary sitting on top of my old speakers.
  12. "no USB type B- cannot connect to PC" Both Arcam SA30 and Nad M33 can be connected to PC by HDMI ARC. I would not say USB is outdated. New generation of device with ARC/eARC is more conviniance than USB 2.0.
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