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  1. AIFF and WAV are uncompressed. Large file size and sound superior. FLAC although lossless but is compressed. The compression seem to have some impact on the sound quality.
  2. Yes, good suggestion by econav. to make thing easy, can simply use device like Bluesound VAULT 2i, it will rip the disc into bit perfect format and store in the internal 2T HDD or you can backup it to external drive. As simple as just insert the disc, the device will take care of all things within 10min. Do not need to involve computer. Can optical out and use Marantz Na11s1 as Dac. VAULT 2i is also a streamer, feature-rich and easy to use. You can use handphone or computer on the same WiFi network to control with apps like Spotify, Tidal etc.
  3. TS profiles birthday on 1942, must be one of our eldest member here. See if expert here can give their best advice and help
  4. Would like to add subwoofer Considering Rel Carbon special or Magico ASub. Or maybe two or three KEF Kc62.
  5. I waited for this pair of spks for 5 mths. Partly due to Suez Canal.
  6. Unlike my other spks, this one project the sound forward. I know point source is like this, but still taken aback. Yes, mola mola dac and chord amp.
  7. Haha, I'm projector idiot. Don't know anything bt2020. Will do some research on this.
  8. Samsung LSP9T, built in speaker sound good.
  9. Did you accompony your friend for all the audition. How you find the chosen Salon 2 compare to these shortlisted speakers? 1)Wilson Sabrina X 2) Vivid Kaya 45 3) Magico A3 4) Dynaudio Confidence 30
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