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  1. Here come the Naim bashing... trying so hard
  2. Haha, no right or wrong. Some of the good speakers, keep sounding better with better amplifier and source. Then it is also true that speakers have more significant impact on your system. For eg it is always easier to detect the changes in sound when you change the speakers than say a DAC.
  3. $8K on speakers and $4k on electronics... most of the budget go to speakers.
  4. Atom and M1 are probably not powerful enough to drive an isobaric to the exciting level In term of charecteristic, NAD and Naim are totally different. Nowadays are we still talking about PRaT (Pace, rhythm and Timing)? Last time Neat match so well with Naim, I don't know about all the latest models.
  5. Absolute Sound, both Neat & Naim haha, fan of Naim will tell you their 80W is like no other lesser amplifier of similar rating
  6. do this combo cover your requirement? Neat Acoustics Ekstra (Ribbon + Iso-baric ) and Naim Uniti Nova (Streaming + HDMI ARC)
  7. Opp, how about now? I just updated the share setting to be viewable by anyone
  8. Item: Dynaudio LYD 7 Location: Sengkang West Price: SGD 1400 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Not using anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: No box. Pack in a Hush Puppies luggage (come free with speakers) Photos: Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  9. what a mess! The cables just don't bend into smaller radius
  10. initially planned to setup 2 systems. But I'm not getting it right for the first setup yet. You analysed it accurately. M33 and Audiovector sound slightly thin. Adding the fuller sounding Acrolink help. But at the same time I can't have the clarity and speed of silver cables when the sound thickened.
  11. both A2080 & KS1136 are XLR version. Comparison was made with using Chord TT2 as DAC and NAD M33 as int amp. Speakers used were Audiovector R1 Arreté and Harbeth M30.2 XD. End up most of the times I preferred Audiovector go with Acrolink, and Harbeth go with kimber.
  12. An interesting real live experience of digital vs analog, a well setup mid range turnaround vs a more expensive streamer dac. There is a thing about conveying emotion of music with analog setup. Can digital do it as well?
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