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  1. Pioneer pd9700 cd player rotel fm xxxx tuner Pioneer A400 integrated b&w dmxxx (cant remember) Kimber 8tc audioquest ruby interconnect
  2. Hi, yamaha wxa 50, small form factor, about 750. yamaha r-n 30x to 80x series of stereo receivers. about 500 to 1000 .
  3. Hi recently subscribed to Spotify.and have been only playing it on my phone.. thinking of getting a Cambridge cxn streamer to connect to my densen integrated..anyone has opinion of this Cambridge streamer or other suggestion in the Cambridge range?... thanks
  4. Hi any simple way to play youtube on my hifi? Can connect to my cary 303/300 cd and as as DA? or any simple equipment to transfer it wirelessly to my integrated for reasonable sound quality. what do i need to get?
  5. Hi, you may one to listen to the Cary 303/300.
  6. Hi Petethe rock, thank you for the links. It is really informative. I didi check up on the velodyne, I am sent them a mail(singapore agent) but have yet to get a reply. I like more bass into my system, at the same time i think the sub may mess up the good dound i ma getting now. My integrated does not have a LFE out, so by connecting the sub in parallel may have a effect on what i am having now. Still contemplating. thank you.
  7. thank you guys, Petetherock, may i know where can i access the stickies? In a nutshell, is connecting the line to the sub or the speaker cables to the sub will be better for music? It seems to me connecting it on the speaker cables will result in the bass being amplified twice. It should have a delay or slow down the bass right? Thank you again for any opinions.
  8. Hi a am new to a subwoofer. I used to own a used REL for a few months many years ago but sold it off when i could't get good sound out of it. I am thinking of trying it out again. what is the best way to connect a sub for music listening purpose? i remembered i connect the REL to my speakers. Is this the best way? I read from the this site that we can connect it a the line level. I am using a Densen integrated, can this be done? Thank you.
  9. Hi, got the above for sale, for 4000 well kept and like brand new condition. Stanl@singnet.com.sg
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