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  1. It is very system dependent. The Sparkz worked for my system but Sparkz TC thins out the sound too much. Over the years, I have tried many tweaks across differing systems - some work some do not so ymmv.
  2. Yesterday, I swapped out the 6h30 tubes from my Ref 6 and replaced them with 6n6p tubes. Try it - you maybe delighted.
  3. I had the emm labs XDS1 prior and was considering upgrading to V2. Eventually, I went with a Lampi Golden Gate and never looked back. Front end was an Aurender W20.
  4. Has there been a change in distributor for Martin Logan?
  5. I think you can source 6h30 locally. Try live acoustics or that shop in burlington square
  6. I would second that. Power conditioner depends on your system - I have the Shunyata triton and a Torus AVR 16. I have also used a shunyata zitron anaconda for my ARC ref 6 pre. My digital goes on the Triton while the Pre and power into the Torus unit. I have always been itching to try 6h30DR nos tubes on my ref 6 but finally decided otherwise as feedback from users in overseas forums have been varied and not conclusive. The general feedback was that the 6550 makes more impact on the final presentation. Herbies were imported directly - then I could not find any local dealer. Th
  7. I used herbie's dampers on my ARC ref 6 to good effect. There is an enhanced clarity with those compared to the stock ARC bands. On tube rolling, the Svetlana wing C is the one used by ARC originally. I bought the last 2 from Highend research before they went out of stock. The ones used by ARC now does not sound as transparent as the 6550 wing C. I have rolled some KT 88 in place of the 6550 as well - Bass tightened a tad and it introduced a tinge of warmness.... maybe worth a try.
  8. I find that the difference in performance is greatest when one uses electrostatic speakers like Martin logan. When it gets too humid, presentation tends to be sluggish less bright. Dynamic speakers are less impacted but there is still a slight perceived difference.
  9. I have the giya g3 with arc ref 6 and dagostino momentum stereo amp. They have good synergies.
  10. I am on My Republic. I have been experiencing drop outs. This may be an issue with Tidal and not the ISP provider.
  11. I was told that the telos does not work with balanced transformer type of power conditioners. My trial does confirm that as well. I think the 3 products does different things. It has been a long time since I did audition for individual impact and I would be hard pressed to isolate their individual effects. Their different price points also make it hard to qualify bang for buck comparison. Sorry cannot help there. I would say that the stein would be a main stay and I would choose either rgc or entreq to pair with stein. If I have smaller budget, maybe rgc. If I have a bigger budget, I would st
  12. I used both rgc and entreq together and found them synergistic. The rgc lowered the noise floor as did the entreq. The telos made my music dead sounding with or without the other grounding devices. Highs lost their sparkle. I read that others found it to have worked and directed the question to our local distributor as well as to xaudio. In any case, I returned the device and did not buy it. I bought a second entreq tellus 2 box instead.
  13. I have used all 3 before. I retained the rgc and entreq in my system. Telos does not work on my system. I was told that it is not compatible with my torus avr power conditioner.
  14. I am using entreq ground box - tellus 2. Have all my components grounded into 2 of these boxes. They are very good - lowered noise floor and gave presentation an overall ease. Have tried the telos one prior but it did not work for my system. I would be keen to hear feedback from users of other solutions.
  15. I had a jolida 60W integrated driving a MG 1.6 then. I like this pairing alot and thought it gave vocals and string instruments a more natural feel. I upgraded to pass pre power later on and that was a very good match. I thought string instruments and lifelike size vocals were its strength then. If not for the size of the panels, I would still love to own a pair of maggies... I suspect that down the road, i would gravitate towards the Maggies again.
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