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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^ i know the feeling, but sadly i know not of any way to fix a scratched record. hope you can find another copy of it.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nice! can share what you were using before? and possibly also share where you got it? what power amplifier you are using it with? i got a power amp from brz hifi from tb, if you interested and don't mind, can bring your pre amp to come and try with the power amp. would be keen to know how it works together too! cos i've been looking at one of their pre for awhile, but also keen to try a tube pre.
  3. nice! got mine end of last year, wanted to swap out the footers, too tall for my stack but apparently it needs to be removed from the inside. so had to swap out the cdp footers instead. oh yes, just remember no light is OS, light on is NOS, don't know why it's like that but it is like that.
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, didn't think of that. though i'm quite sure it is a volume control cos there's a similar model with source connections.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^ interesting, never really thought of that, but i've read some with better, some with worst results thru direct connection to amp. maybe should just give mine a try too.
  6. yes, i rem it was at the opposite side of the stereo setup. can't be helped i guess.
  7. when you say PC on, you mean like as long as it is on somewhere at home right? doesn't necessarily have to be next to the stereo setup right? but my cd rips are on my pc, so quite challenging.
  8. interesting! i DID think about connecting my bada strip to the plixir, but don't have enough plugs, like you, i might need another plixir.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^ been trying to get the santana one, but seems impossible to find locally.
  10. can share your cobo for alcohol wash? i don't have a machine to wash, so i only use soap and after that filtered/distilled water.
  11. i find it amazing how every time an upgarde is done, it makes you want to relisten all and everything you have. i have this thing too, amazing to see that even from an excellent tt to one that is even better, it is significant in SQ that gets you excited to listen everything again! Congrats again and enjoy!
  12. Woah, looks impressive!!! matches with the whole setup perfect!
  13. Woah, i know these are ex, but didn't know so ex.. Truly... 👏👏👏
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