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  1. sorry got more qn; i remember reading that i should not plug in phone charging cables into the same power conditioner, is there something wrong with this? thanks!
  2. ^^^^^^^^^ thanks! hopefully can make it there this few days. quite hectic this week. 🙃
  3. thanks, cos i see some place selling $240 or so, also heard got place sell almost $300. i never really understood why a new item (used i understand), RRP is different at different stores, almost every time. 🙃
  4. can i ask, are those magico s1? they are sealed box right? do they still need room to breath? i've been looking and would love to get these when funds permit.
  5. mind sharing how much? i saw these seem to go for quite a bit, $200+
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ i've already seen some ang moh release tapes for albums/ special drops, thought it won't be long before it comes back.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^ i like the last sentence best, hahaha! being very new to this, i'm always curious to have a listen to other systems, and of course have ppl over to have a listen, if anyone wants to.
  8. when i got the power amp, i thought it might be useful to have a volume control, then was recommended to set it at full or close to that (i set it at roughly 3 o'clock now), so that can fully utilize the amp, that's why i never thought of touching the volume on the power amp. i'm sure it will work if i use the volume on the power amp. thanks!
  9. hmmmmmm, ok. i'm sure that should work.
  10. maybe i should get another few sets of these? for "IN" from the sources at the preamp?
  11. my poweramp, no name, but has a volume control, (though i've been informed should be set to max or close to max). this is the info i have about it; Technical Parameters: Dimensions: 434wide X 172 high X 406 deep (excluding the front panel handle) Net Weight: 21kg Output power: 150WX2 8Ohm, 280Wx2 4Ohm. frequency response: 10Hz ~ 40kHz Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.001% Load range: 2-16 ohms Voltage: 110v-120v or 220v-240v
  12. the concept is the entry to the range (3/4k), i'm sure there's options avail upwards within your budget, ovation or possibly even innovation, with a different tonearm. maybe best to swing by the store to check out what they have and have a listen?
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