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  1. i try to buy them from stores locally, even so during covid, though i still get some online. this was honestly the first time i saw it on the racks, and as a DK fan, had to get it! if it's the same as the LE press (gold), it's a little flat and was recommended by francis to BLAST IT to enjoy it.
  2. never had the space, or the money to get anything "proper", only just started about a year ago, when i got my new place; 1st setup NAD C328 CCA, Marantz 5005cdp Aurum Cantus SEII MKII all 2nd hand cept for the marantz
  3. Was reading about it too. hopefully it opens up soon for the rest of the devices.
  4. not really, about 20kg as is, shipped to sg about $100 by sea, iirc.
  5. so i got a few to try; in order to still use the "DIRECT" plug i did this. behind the tv console; under computer table; in bedroom; opposite the bed; did i install them right? just installed will feedback later. but i did read that they say best to be at least 3ft away from people sitting or resting location, living room still possible, but under the computer table and in the bedroom abit hard? or maybe my room too small? 😑
  6. I quite newbie in describing sounds, didn't have too many before this to compare (a few simple integrated); Mids and highs are great. Lows after break in (at least 100hrs) is superb. Separation is very good, I can pick out instruments placing quite easily. Soundstage quite wide, this is paired with an old goldmund pre, which I feel that helps with clarity and detail. I took quite a bit risk buying direct from TB, but I think it's worth. I think something like this with a branded logo will go for 2/3x at least. If not for the fact I already have a pre amp, I would defin
  7. As long as you like it, want to spend time listening, not tweaking. @Chowbotak I too look forward to going home and spending time listening! Especially when I have some new LPs!
  8. watched it awhile ago, mind boggling to say the least. 🙃
  9. one and only set, bo bian refund, if not i sure get another set. 😞 i suspect it was possibly a display set or something, there were some scuffs, which i was ok with as long as it worked, sadly it didn't.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^ yea i think i need to ban myself from going out next few weekends. 😑
  11. Review please! Had a look at them but then realized out of my budget. 😐
  12. Yes, managed to get refund. But sad does I really liked the cayin.
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