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  1. The latest Magico A5 Speaker is now in demo in the showroom. It is driven by the latest KECES S300 power amp.
  2. This is the official presentation of the D-10X by Luxman with English Subtitle [flash=200,200]
  3. D-10X SACD & D-03X CD player review from Hong Kong in Cantonese. If you can understand, listen and enjoy the YouTube [flash=200,200]
  4. The following is some nice review of the D-03X CD player. It did mention of some comparison between this CD player something cheaper and higher in price. [flash=200,200]
  5. We are proud to announce that we are now the Pillium Audio distributor in Singapore. Please contact us for any private audition as the Amp weight a massive 120Kg. https://www.piliumaudio.com
  6. The Göbel Divin Marquis is now review by Stereophile Magazine John Akinson in the Oct 2020 series award with a full range Class A award. The Following are some of the quote by the reviewer. - "The deep organ notes at the climax of Philip Ledger’s performance of Franck’s Chorale No.3 in A minor (24/192 AIFF needle drop from Organ Music from King’s College, HMV HQS 1356) were reproduced with seemingly limitless power." - "The Göbel loudspeakers were chameleons. They sounded small when appropriate, as with Chris Thile’s transcriptions for mandolin of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Violin,
  7. This is the cutout of the CLD Footer. The interface is a Premium Italian Slate (also know as Volcanic Ash) which have an excellent damping character found in Billiard table. The Slate block is then insert into a CNC cut Stainless Steel holder for coupling to your speaker or equipment. This translate to a define bass with great separation of the instrument inside the music. The CLD Footer is now available in the store for demo and home trial is welcome.
  8. The LX380 Tube Integrated is now in Town and driving the Beautiful hORNS Mummy.
  9. Currently we have the DAC2X dac on demo with the amazing NS-1 streamer. For those who enjoy streaming service of spotify, tidal and wanted the best out of your system. The NS-1 is for you. Home trial can be arranged.
  10. Something to read up. This review about the great CLD footers https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/stacore-cld-footers/
  11. Photo of the DS Cartridge on Demo in the showroom. Maybe that will make you like them.
  12. The most wanted Magico A3 is now back in Stock in Singapore and again show case in the our newly renovated showroom. Driven by Luxman Pre and Power amp with EMMLABS digital or the DS Audio phono system on the J Sikora Turntable. Hear them before they are gone again.
  13. The Grand Master is out. Wonder who will be Singapore user to own this? https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/ds-audio-grand-master-optical-cartridge-unveiled https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/news/425-ds-audio-grand-master-optical-cartridge
  14. Recently a customer just have his EMMLABS DA2 upgrade to the DA2 V2 and his response. “ Good evening Simon, This is to update that the v2 upgrade is a startling improvement. I got a shock as I didn't expect it to sound like a totally different DAC. Musicians pop out in a living breathing way. Instruments exert a physical force. The venue envelops you in its swirling ambience. The EMM Labs people always know what they are doing. I'm glad you chose to represent the brand. Thank you for your responsiveness, care and professionalism to expedite and install this upgrade for me.”
  15. The DS audio optical phono system is now fully setup in the showroom. Do come in for an audition why the product continues to win new customers and outstanding reviews world wide. Compare to older conventional phono system, the DS audio do have have to do thru the old school RIAA equaliser due to the change of velocity. Using the DS audio system, you hear a deeper soundstage, fine detail, extended high frequencies, and a detail powerful bass. You never hear how your vinyl and Turntable fully till you get the DS audio phono system. On demo now is the W02 and D002. Visit us, bring you
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