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  1. Anyone tried the Starbucks capsule?? Feedback compared to the nesspresso ones. Sent from my IN2010 using Tapatalk
  2. Only monster related to audio is prob the monster cables
  3. Little Tikes tricycle. Can convert bet tricycle and rocking chair. Suitable for kids below 5. $20. Self collect woodlands area. Pm if keen.
  4. Olive One for sale. Mint condition with box. Version without hdd. Pm me if interested. $380
  5. There is one little shop in Jurong East that has an uncle doing repair. Never try before but do see a number of old equipment undergoing repair. Next to Parc Oasis condo.
  6. Any one tried those pods that can put in your own grounded coffee?
  7. http://mothership.sg/2017/07/spore-durian-shop-praised-by-influencers-allegedly-failed-to-deliver-quality-durians-to-a-paying-influencer/ Read some bad things about them before..... Anyone tried b4??
  8. Rumor is that MU paid for the difference till the end of his MU contract in 2018. So in a way, it is subsidized.
  9. Now got a number of compatible capsule. So Nespresso need to lower price. Tried a few (Hook coffee) and have to say that the capsule are not as well made. Price is comparable or only slightly cheaper. Just offer more choices only.
  10. Wah.... So jiak lake. My opo still going strong leh..... Must be damn frustrating.
  11. Insane in the good sense. Seems like cut throat business.
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