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  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone compared SG’s Plixir Balanced Power Conditioner with other Brand’s, eg. Audioquest Niagara, PS Audio Power Plant, Keces, etc? I am looking at Plixir Elite BAC1500 against Keces BP-2400, Audioquest Niagara 3000 and PS Audio Power Plant P3. I am wondering how they differ in terms of sonic qualities to the system. Any sharing is appreciated.
  2. Indeed, the tiny bookshelf speakers in the living room have better low frequencies clarity. Bass sounded more 3-D and bouncier. Other than the speakers, the gaia is one of the best Hifi investments I have, as I listen to my music more.
  3. Gaia is good. It has a huge impact to my speakers’ performance on stands. Have you used it yet? Do share your findings.
  4. Breeze hifi, if I am not wrong is 清风, which is also rather well-regarded for their LPS. Didn’t know they produce amplifiers. Could you share how is the sound characteristics of their power amp? Aurum Cantus an Italian brand who has a partnership with the Chinese 金琅, is one of the more famous speaker brands in China. Thank you for refreshing my memory. As a ribbon tweeter lover, this is a brand I have to look into more deeply after so many years since I first got to know them some 10 years ago. Denafrips is now a pretty well-know audio brand due to their DAC, which is o
  5. Do you mind to share the various ChiFi components you have in mind?
  6. My original speaker cables are Acoustic Synergy "Black Mamba", which I have been using for some 8 years. Regarding the SKW speaker cables, I started first with the BG-05 OCC copper. Tested the cable for few days and based on my experience, this set of cables have similar sonic characteristics as the "Black Mamba". What it does better than the "Black Mamba" are slightly better accuracy in sonic imagery, tighter and more defined bass. In fact, across the frequencies every note is slightly more defined. Being too similar to the "Black Mamba", my conclusion of this cable after about
  7. Most of my hifi purchases nowadays are all ChiFi, eg. DAC, all kinds of cables and they are all punching way above their price points in my opinion. Chinese market is like a wild wild west, one has to pay some school fees to learn some lessons before knowing how to pick up good deals. There are many good stuffs in ChiFi now as the production standards have improved tremendously. In fact, I am very tempted to have a full ChiFi system (maybe minus the speakers). I think I can build a very good set based on current available components in the market. Just loo
  8. 1. Added a series of cables from SKW: a) SK-HF2017 silver plated OCC copper speaker cables b) WG2012 silver plated OCC copper USB cable c) BG-012 OCC copper USB cable d) BG-04A OCC copper RCA cables 2. Topping D10s DAC
  9. Was invited to a wechat group, by SOUNDAWARE. One has to be invited by the moderator, who is one of the staff from this company. Another avenue is to surf erji.net. Although is primarily for headphones and earphones, there are sections which they talk about issues pertinent to HiFi components as well. Hope this helps.
  10. To play with chifi, one must communicate with the right people. Most of those we communicate with are resellers who do not posses extensive knowledge of the products they are selling, hence when they are met with difficult questions, they have to decide which will give them the better return of their time. Hard truth. Once you are able to get into Chinese forums or chat groups of manufacturers (with many local enthusiasts), you will get more valuable insights and knowledge.
  11. 2020 year end purchase: Uptone etherREGEN 2021 year 1st purchase: Sonore opticalRENDU
  12. Hi everyone, is this thread still alive? I see much posts on the M1/M1+ And B7. Anyone have tried the M7 power amp to share?
  13. Thanks for taking the effort to recheck via Google. Greatly appreciate it. With Regards to the power cable upgrade, I guess I will wait awhile and let the system settle down sonically for another month before reviewing if I will go ahead with one of the considerations. Another issue am considering if I should get a dedicated phono preamp for my denon DP-300F turntable, which is currently using the in-built phono direct connect to the classe CAP-80. Turntable is generally taking up at most 20% of my music listening, hence it is not the most critical upgrade at the moment. Just wonder
  14. Th Thanks for sharing, headfiman. Yes, indeed. I do recognise the limitation of the Weiduka AC8.8. Currently planning to get the Plixir Power Conditioner once travel restrictions are lifted and I can move in and out of SG freely. However, I didn’t know there is a difference between Power 1 & Power 2. Could you share how do I recognise which side has the filtered function? At the moment, the more critical components are connected closest to the power inlet, eg. Amplifier, DAC, etc. However, the next test I am going to do once I have a longer power cord is to have the amp
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