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  1. After I moved house and disconnected the cable I forgot how to connect back. Anybody has any idea
  2. Thanks all for the suggestions.
  3. The bluetooth receiver pathway seems good. I have never heard of this gadget before. Do you have any reasonably price in mind that I can check up. Thanks.
  4. On a side note, how long would these interconnect cables last, assuming that it is subject to the usual fair wear and tear but not abused.
  5. Thank you. Assuring to know that the upgrade is not wasted.
  6. I heard so much of the interconnect making a difference to the sound. I intend to buy a Marantz cd player to replace the Philips cd player and like to venture into the world of audio interconnect without burning a hole in my pocket. The interconnect would be for connecting the cd player to the 2 channel rotel amplifier. A search at the audio sites shows there is a wide range in price. Mine is a humble set up, a reasonable interconnect will do as long as it is audibly better than the red and white provided in the box. What would your suggestion be if I were to get the r
  7. Please let me know if you have one to let go. Would appreciate if you could let me know the condition and the price you are asking. If you could attach some photos would be very helpful. No dealers or agents.
  8. Thank you very much. How about the connection from android handphone to DAC,
  9. Wish to play spotify with my speakers/amp. Confused by the many connections. Could you please let me know how to connect the handphone/laptop to my DAC and the DAC to the amplifier. Thank you.
  10. Hi all the experts. I was recently introduced to Tidal/Spotify using my android phone. Since I have an old Rotel stereo integrated amplifier RA 930X I thought of getting a pair of speakers and a streamer for better sound. By better sound I am restricted to a budget of $2000. 1. Would it be a reasonable budget for a decent pair of speakers and a streamer. 2. What are the speakers and streamer would you recommend. 3. I am open to a completely new set up with a budget of $3,000 what would your set up be. Thanks for your inputs
  11. I reset my laptop and it must have erased the software for smsl M8A (dac) which i downloaded from the web. Now the dac is not working without the software. I cant remember what i have downloaded and from which website. I remembered downloaded the driver but what else do i need to download and from which website. Your advice is most appreciated .
  12. Finally I got the smsl dac hooked up to the computer and my old but trusty rotel amplifier. Immediately I could here a difference of the sound quality. This is significantly clearer to my ears than without the dac when I connect the amplifier to my handphone via the headphone jack. I cant imagine such a small gadget as the smsl dac could make such a significant improvement to the sound. It will take me a little more time to decide whether to change my mission speakers and amplifier.
  13. Wow, I admire your passion - it is such fiery passion that contribute to the vibrancy of this hifi community. I love this forum. I pale in comparison to you - I know I would not take the path you took because I don't have the time nor the budget. I will not be anxious nor despondent but will take this opportunity to learn from so many experienced forumers here who are so willing to share their valuable experiences. I know each of them have their own story to tell. A few I met in showrooms described themselves as "crazy over hifi". Synergy is a simple word but difficult to find given
  14. Thank you forumers for your valuable contributions and suggestions. Indeed it is with the information that I can make an informed decision. No doubt there is a lot of information and choices to make but isn't that part of the excitement of a new found hobby. Your precious inputs are most welcome. Please keep them coming. I appreciate each and every one of them.
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