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  1. Shallow pockets drive an audiophile to try to get a good deal online and often that leads to China and to Aliexpress, while I had good/ok-so-so/bad deals from there, I had nothing to really share until now where recent bad experiences with 2 sellers there caused me much heartache and made me doublt as to the actual sincerity and good-will of my fellow human brethren. First was seller named 'Shop5702020 Store' and person talked to was 'July', the second being a shop that at least had a name that didn't suggest 'fly by night', the almighty 'Amplifier and transformer- Store Now, I prefaced
  2. Recently got a budget Chinese single ended tube amp - the APPJ mini2013 with stock Chinese 6J1 (2) driving 6p1 (2) changed to NOS tubes improved sound by a truck-fold or a ten-load. I do not have the space or time to learn electronics, but I would like to enlist the service of one of you tube maven DIY guru-types to help recap this amp to bring it up to the standard it is capable of. Forum threads like this one: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/any-opinions-reviews-on-gemtune-appj-pa1502a.780178/page-16 although discussing the 3 tubed headphone version of my amp may aid a lot - appa
  3. With the kinds of prices the DIY uh "community" is quoting me for what amounts to 2 planks of not even wood (mdf is not wood as you know) I ended up seeking the good commie conrades up in mainland alitown and ordered a goodly pair of cool AF supertweets for a price the fine upwardly mobile amators here and at carousell will laugh at (and shudder at, if truth be told, in fear). Singapore got too amazing and miraculous and wonderful and big for me, I m too low for you too-cool for me types that make up this country. There is one guy who wanted to brag-show off his LXmini but when I asked if I co
  4. Lai lai SO CHEAPO CAN DIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HsnRcW-Pak
  5. oh it is you n u told me u r not an audiophile for shame! tsk tsk. so PAP.
  6. Yes it is pretty incestuous in Sg, just like M'sia...or China... or USa...or.... (what was my point?) hmmmm ok will do, off i go to ali or ebay may take awhile :)
  7. NOt that fancy lah... I bet the dude on carousell would charge me like SGD$1K and up for something like that, and ironically it won't be him providing the fancy wood or anything else. Gee I could buy some real speakers for that money...if I had that kinda kwayteow to spend... some people, ah.... But if you do decide to aid me an old destitute outcast of Singapore's harsh and unkind socio economic system wherein even the rebels and uprisers live in fancy condos and drive fancy cars... why I think your own personal karma bank account might be the better for it.
  8. Nice of you to reply Straits. Like I mentioned.... to mount AMT tweeters (if I choose to go for those) or cheap ribbon (quasi ribbon?) onto small slab of wood - maybe a space for where the cap would go? Ya something real simple :)
  9. dunno leh... i thot record album usuali made from plastic vinyl...not metal?
  10. Me wonder if can enlist the service of a brother here for make something something, but not like some bruh in carousell i ask can make 2 tiny mdf board for open baffle tweeter he say i pay him $100-400 he supply nothing i give tweeter cap wire n mdf wah lao like dat oso he can make mahmee ah drill abit abit make 400 like geylang woman ah.
  11. it is too nice of you to say this, calamity. i am actually very bad at making videos, but i am learning slowly. mostly it is my voice argh. haha, not the best voice-over voice, but i want to try, and also to improve. hope to make more videos, have a whole bunch planned out already. thanks for subscribing! :)
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