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  1. Seems like able to filter by disc formats (eg 4k/Blu-ray/dvd) albeit over a few steps esp if using the app. If accessing via Amazon.sg website, select ‘Music, DVD & Blu-ray’->’DVD & Blu-ray’ from main menu then choose the format you are interested in from the left-hand side menu bar. A bit more troublesome via the app...1st need to select ‘Shop by Category’->’DVD’ from main menu. Then scroll to bottom of the page to select either Movies or TV. When in the main page for Movies/TV, click on ‘Filter’ (near top right-hand side of page) to select the format you want. Need an ext
  2. With a 22 pts lead, Pool can be crowned champion at the Etihad on 4 Apr by simply matching City’s results for the 6 matches prior to that day (unless the rescheduled City-Arsenal match is after 4 Apr). If they can do that & with only 7 more matches to go from Apr to end of season (including the City match), Pool can afford to lose all the matches during that period & still be champion. Of course as a Reds supporter, the wish is for them to be unbeaten champion surpassing City’s 100 pts mark as well as breaking Arsenal’s 49 match unbeaten EPL record along the way ;).
  3. I believe this 8k hdmi cable is not the same one as what some bros here bought (which comes in blue insulation cover & has silver coating core) As to whether the cable will be an overkill, it is up to you ultimately (eg usage vs price) rather than reviews/opinions by others IMO. Once again just my 2-cents worth.
  4. Check the order status. If the items have not been shipped yet, may still be able to cancel your order. As for Prime membership, can cancel anytime before the 1 month free trial is up. Just go to Your Account->Manage Prime Membership and you should see an option to cancel it. IMO don't need to cancel it now if you just signed up not long ago in case you want to buy something during thie period which requires Prime membership. Do it only when the trial is up.
  5. As to whether the Moshou 8k cable is stiff, will have to leave it for bros who own it to feedback. But fr the pic posted, it seems rather thick so I believe it might not be that flexible. Also the connectors seem rather big. Probably not an issue If connecting directly fr SH STB to tv but if plan to use it on your HDMI switch then might pose a problem. Just something to consider if thinking of getting one. Lastly if you are just planning to replace yr Airborg for the direct connection between SH box and tv then the 8k cable is a bit of overkill IMHO. The Monoprice ones will likely be go
  6. I assume you are referring to the ultra slim HDMI cable. As mentioned in another post, Amazon SG is currently offering free shipping for international orders with NO min spend. But promotion only applies to Amazon SG Prime members for which Amazon is also offering 1 month free trial membership for customers who have not signed up before. So nett cost will be S$10.81 per 6ft cable....just have to wait for abt 2 wks for the cable to be delivered.
  7. Btw I am also using the Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI cable. Do note that being a 28AWG cable hence it is still a bit stiff & difficult to bend. If you are looking for something more flexible then can consider Monoprice Certified Premium Ultra Slim High Speed cable which is 36AWG thick. Monoprice seems to have a 8K HDMI cable as well. Can also consider that as an alternative to the 8K cable 1 other bro recommended. But as some already pointed out, based on your usage/equipments, a regular high-speed with ethernet HDMI cable would suffice unless future-proofing. IMHO unless you are
  8. In case you are new to Amazon SG, here is a short intro to it. Anyone with an Amazon account can make purchases on Amazon SG and gets free delivery for items sold and fulfilled by Amazon SG for S$40 and above purchases. Currently they are having a promo for free local delivery with NO min spend. In fact new customers placing their 1st order get S$10 off with min S$40 spend with the promo code "10OFF40" (applicable only to local orders). For Amazon SG Prime members (they are offering 1 month free trial), you get free 1-day shipping for local items with NO min spend and free shipping for int
  9. Think you are seeing that price because the same cable is sold by Amazon SG & also under International Store. Under the former, it is sold for S$23.78 but S$16.56 under International (don't ask me how come). You should be able to see the cheaper pricing if you click on the link found under the "Other Sellers on Amazon" section in the product page. Strangely the same cable sold singly (ie 1 piece) by Amazon SG is going for only S$9.01 (hence S$18.02 for 2 & cheaper than the 2-pack but still more expensive than the 2-pack under International). If you want to receive the cables fast
  10. I believe your 8K cable was sold by a 3rd party seller from China hence the long delivery time. The 1 day delivery time quoted by Bro Tammy applies only to items sold and fulfilled by Amazon SG. Note that there are items sold on Amazon SG are not necessarily sold by Amazon SG. Some are sold by Amazon SG while others are sold under Amazon International (mainly shipped from Amazon US). The latter will take longer to be delivered for obvious reason. Then there are also items sold by 3rd party sellers which can be local or overseas sellers. Once again delivery time depends on where the selle
  11. My heart sank when Salah had to be substituted when score was tied at 2-2. The ramifications of his CL final’s substitution came to mind. Oredi without Firmino, having Sturridge (who missed 2 good chances earlier) & Origi on the field did not exactly instill much confidence that the team can get the win needed with 15 mins to go. Was definitely pleasantly surprised and relieved when the ball went in off Origi’s header. So glad that VVD gestured rather wildly for Shaqiri to take the free kick instead of TA. Having said the above, must say the team din play very well with some players no
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Googled a little & found the answer here as well. So seems like whatever happens in the CL & Europa League, both Chelsea & Spurs confirm qualified next season liao.
  13. If Gunners win Europa Cup, 4th place (ie Chelsea or Spurs) wun get to play in CL next season right? What happens if Spurs finished 4th but wins the CL (granted it being a BIG ask given their recent run) at the same time? Does it mean Chelsea will miss CL?
  14. I guess Shaqiri & for that matter Lallana are 2 possible existing players in the squad to play the creative midfielder role. Unfortunately the former is more suited as a super sub IMO while the latter is too injury-prone & inconsistent. So what I meant is we need a "world-class" playmaker in the mould of Luka Modric (minus the age)/David Silva/Christian Eriksen or even Philippe Coutinho (if we can get him back at a much reduced price when sold to Barcelona which will unlikely happen).
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