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  1. Hehehe!! Yup... I am back, n it's back, n I love jiggly backsides!! Hahahaha!!
  2. if i recall correctly, i bought my US Wall Outlet's from LHS (Robert's Shop) in Sim Lim Tower... but it was years back... it nothing fancy... jus regular white plastic face. cant recall how much i paid for it too...
  3. hehehe!!! thks buddy, but i also have 2 more DefTech Pro 1000, n 1 DefTech Pro 2000 Center speaker in my storeroom. i still have lots of items for sale as listed in my carousell account. you can see my "Signature" at the bottom of all my postings. the link is there. jus click it, n it will bring u to my profile in carousell. sadly, i am not gonna be selling the DefTech's as i am very impressed with them. its a keeper for me. 😋
  4. Pictured below is my modded infinity center speaker with the blaupunkt Car audio cone.. U can see it on the left side.
  5. 1) 10 pieces of DefTech Pro 800 ( Littered all over the ceiling, 😁) 2) 2 pieces of DefTech Pro 1000 (L n R Surrounds) 3) Infinity Center Speaker Modded one side with one Blaupunkt Car audio speaker cone. 😁 4) Wharfedale Linton's 85 Years Anni. 5) ESS AMT-1B 6) Cerwin Vega 10' Subwoofer (Front Sub duties) 7) Cerwin Vega 8' Subwoofer (Back Sub duties) 8.) Sony Z9D 75" tv 9) Onkyo TX-RZ3100 AVR 10) Pioneer UDP-LX800 Player 11) Xbox One X 12) Nad C390DD Digital Direct Amp for pure 2Channel stereo duties 13) Synology Ds1515+ ( holding onl
  6. once this covid19 thingy is a thing of the past, my Whale's Cave will be open again for one n all. Cheers!!!
  7. here is the link for the firmware updates. https://www.intl.onkyo.com/support/firmware/index.html
  8. Ah!! That's good, but sadly it didn't go through the old cannons of mods that were running xtremeplace those days to simply accept n approve my suggestion.. if only u knew the number of text I had to reply that I was banned... Wow!! Tiring... Because none of them knew if any member was banned.. so simple, but guess, that's the way it was run "those days"
  9. Anyway, my little big jiggly suggestions to further improve your website now that the "old n dated cannons r gone"... If possible, if any member gets "banned" jus put a little or big signage on that members avatar that he or she has been banned.. because the old mods don't understand my level of "england"... I told them years back jus to highlight that a member is banned so other members can be well informed too... A big red cross signage will do to show that the member is banned.. I had lots of buddies texting or calling me when I was banned.. but the old mods of xtremeplace cannot
  10. Alamak....what a waste.... All the old boys here knows how much I love em big n jiggly....what a bummer...hahaha!!!
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