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  1. yup, i paid $1200 for the gold set back in the year 1999( see the picture "Year 2000 Compliant" Sticker on the set, hehehehe!!!)... the silver set was cheaper at $750 in the year 2000.
  2. the number of times i opened both the casings was numerous!! it was a habit for me to clean the rubber pinchers n tape head so often that i actually removed the screws for the casing permanently., so that i could just slide out and put back the casing once all the cleaning was done. i kept the screws in a mini ziploc bag next to the decks. hehehehe!!!
  3. about 2.5 years ago, i sold away my two S-VHS decks.... one was a gold color JVC HR-S7600AM, and the other was a silver color JVC HR-S5880AM. sold it for $50 each... hehehehe!!!
  4. try n remove the grey bar that covers the cassette... then u will have access to the tape. i believe there are three screws in the cassette body itself. remove the three screws, then slowly n carefully lift out the 2 spools of tape. if cannot, then just cut the tape n glue it back together with scotch tape. find another vcr tape to refit n reuse the 2 spools back into the other vcr tape housing. u will need to use a penknife to cut n slice the paper sticker holding your hand written title so that u can easily remove the top cover of the tape.
  5. It's a very simple procedure to get the stuck tape out... I can do it for u, but there will be Abit of tape being crumpled... I jus to cut away only the portion that's crumpled, n stick scotch tape behind it, then it can play... I live in Pasir Ris by the way..my hp number is 96660233 No need to destroy your vcr player...Some alcohol on the rubber pinchers n your tape head, will have it running smoothly again.
  6. https://www.windowscentral.com/youtube-now-supports-hdr-videos-xbox
  7. take more pictures of the gryphon leh... looks beasty man!!! dont forget the rear end, which everyone knows i adore n love! hehehehe!!!
  8. Self Collect at Pasir Ris St 21, Blk 236, S(510236). Call or Sms 96660233. 64GB Flash Drive. 6GB Ram. Touchscreen is not working as I cracked the screen. So I will include free, a Logitech K400+ integrated Keyboard/Trackpad so that it still can work great. it has USB 3.0 PORT, Mini HDMI PORT, USB C PORT, TF CARD SLOT to expand storage too...$159
  9. yup, as i gather, "Room Perfect" is the best out there. and "Direc Live" is the 2nd in line. but, to me, i dont really care much. "Accu Eq" is good enough for me in my untreated bare wall hall. hehehehehe!!!! i dont bother at all with graph's here and there... as long as it delivers what i want to hear, its good enough. hehehehe!!!
  10. Self Collect at Pasir Ris St 21, Blk 236, S(510236). Call or Sms 96660233. Firmware has been upgraded to latest as shown in the picture's. Nothing missing. No more warranty, n No box. $1799 https://www.lenbrook.com.sg/collections/nad-classic-series/products/nad-t-758-v3
  11. guess its because u are always so afraid to update your firmware on any device that u own. that's y u keep asking if other members who wanna take the plunge to update firmware n report back. hahahaha!!!!
  12. latest firmware updates for your onkyo avr's released on 14th Jan 2021. https://www.intl.onkyo.com/support/firmware/index.html
  13. yo, domho, u want a ubox pro's? i have my used set for sale in carousel. $189... hehehehe!!!!
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