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  1. download the latest firmware into a usb thumbdrive n plug it into the rz1100... even if your 1100 has been updated to the latest firmware, it should come out of the boot freeze to sense the usb thumbdrive with the firmware in it.. might work...jus give it a try...
  2. have u updated the firmware to the most current one available?
  3. oh no.... is there any audio being output? if there is, try the master reset one more time. after u see the "Clear" words on the display, pull out the main plug of the onkyo for at least 3 mins... then plug it back in. its a last ditch effort. if it still cant work, then i presume that your HDMI board is totally gone...
  4. if u dont mind trying out 2nd hand speaker's, there's a pair of Mission 773 floorstand speakers for sale in the link attached below...
  5. get the Stanton turntables from sim lim square... name of the shop is HinHuatDJ. attached below in the link is one of the turntables...no need to buy separate dac... https://hinhuatdj.com/product/stanton-t55-usb-turntable/ https://hinhuatdj.com/
  6. attached in the link below is the latest firmware update for your model. use a usb thumb drive to install the update. https://www.intl.onkyo.com/support/firmware/tx-nr616.html
  7. To reset the AV receiver to its factory defaults, turn it on and, while holding down CBL/SAT button, press the ON/STANDBY power button at the same time.. “Clear” will appear on the AV receiver' s display and the AV receiver will enter standby mode. Note that resetting the AV receiver will delete your radio presets and custom settings.
  8. Assuming the problem lies with the onkyo, it could be this 2 issues. 1) HDMI board 2) Capacitor's have u done a "Master Reset" for your onkyo? sometimes, that can help...
  9. okie.. cheers. hope u can find one soon... my onkyo is the same model as yours... the TX-RZ3100.
  10. for frames i really got no idea buddy... but maybe those old wooden photo frame shops can customize one for your need's?
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