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  1. Looking forward to the launch in Singapore. Pricing seems competitive based on USD
  2. Interesting new projector that is announced by LG at CES. This is not the UST model as model naming very similar. Supports HDR10 and HLG What do you guys think. https://www.lg.com/us/home-video/lg-hu810pw-4k-laser-projector
  3. I realized after updating my AVR and TV firmware this is no longer an issue and now could enjoy 4k ! Yay! Thanks
  4. I checked the manual and all the HDMI supports HDCP2.2
  5. Hi I have an Apple 4K TV that when connected to my Onkyo AVR 820 shows resolution is only 1080p. But when direct connection to my LG C7 shows 4k resolution. How do I fix this. My Oppo has no issues to output 4K via AVR to the TV. Thanks all
  6. Quite a decent size room you have so why not 4 overheads or even 6 overheads for best Atmos effort. The new Denon AVC-X8500H will set you back close to $5k already.....and that is not including a 4K projector.. Will let the other experts in the forum give their recommendation on what is best for you. I assume you are planning to renovate your room to accommodate new wiring.
  7. Go to Creative website and sign up for demo. They have setup a demo at Plaza Singapore but you need to register to go.
  8. Totally agree as I own the RZ820 as well. The large high cap transformer used really gives the transient and visceral impact for movies. Not sure if the RZ720 offers it but do give it a listen
  9. Anyone noticed the Starhub CNY advert. I wonder if the shot in 4K. I could see lines and skin blemishes very clearly on my LG OLED
  10. Hi Ronildoq I just tested it last night and would say it is much better than last time with the new FW. I do get Atmos fed to AVR via Netflix but there are times where it still does not work. I will still need to toggle via Oppo first and then switch to TV in app for Netflix before getting audio fed to my Onkyo RZ820. Has it worked perfectly for you. I have CEC on with Simplink.
  11. Thanks bro. I have setup my RZ820 as auto FW update so will try it tonight! Shall feedback
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