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  1. Sorry you're talking utter rubbish. Have you ever heard the term "margin"?
  2. Frankly, Apple don't care about being #1 in market share. They are interested in profit share, for which they are the undisputed #1. Have you compared Apple and Samsung's actual results recently?
  3. Mine on the way from Shenzhen...iPhone 6 Silver 128GB direct from Apple.
  4. Those who buy over brand new iPhones at launch are bringing them to countries where the new iPhone hasn't been launched yet, to sell at a premium. Apple limits orders to two iPhones per customer, so these people have to resort to buying over from others who have managed to get them. A few years back, I ordered two new iPhones online on launch day - sold one for a premium and that offset the price of my own.
  5. Yeah, 'cuz all that market share has meant tremendous profits for Samsung. Not. http://www.cnet.com/news/samsung-warns-2h14-will-be-tough-as-it-reports-weak-q2-results/
  6. Yes, the unsubsidized pricing for iPhones has always been like this...
  7. Evans isn't a left back, and hasn't ever played there for United - what team have you been watching?
  8. 3rd/4th placing game really hard to predict, because teams approach the game with different attitudes. The Brazilians will want to put on a good performance to try and redeem themselves for the thrashing by Germany, whereas Holland probably not so motivated.
  9. My view is that your friend will be disappointed tonight because the match is actually tomorrow night... :-)
  10. Holland looking like world beaters. Somehow they find a way to win. Looking forward to next season for United :-)
  11. The new low-cost iMac clearly has one target market - schools.
  12. Don't think the match commentator was locally appointed...it's probably the official FIFA feed, which is usually the case for the World Cup. But the studio show was definitely locally produced since the host is one of the regular local guys, plus of course one of the pundits was Alistair Edwards.
  13. It's exactly because the quality of the home experience has improved so much that cinema prices have gone up...'cuz they need to make more out of each ticket to cover costs, and to compete with home theatre by upgrading cinemas with ATMOS and whatever other gimmicks they've introduced. Would more people go to the cinema if prices were lower, or would the cinemas just end up in the red? Not saying whether it's 'right or wrong' for ticket prices to go up...in the end, only the cinema operators know what their business numbers are.
  14. I've heard a lot of good things about the movie from people who've seen it, but it seems to have totally bombed at the US box office. Pity. Not saying that bad box office is reflective of the film. Sadly, often it's the opposite.
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