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  1. Brand new Cyrus cine projection screen 100” 16:9 format 80 mm black velvet fixed frame .These screen ideal to match with new HDR bright projector. Selling at SDG $1680 . Please what’s app 9765 0195 to arrange . If trade in your old Cyrus screen is available do let me know . Thanks for viewing
  2. Hi guys this is a Benq 5700 brand new unit come with 3 year warranty . Lamp warranty’s is 1000 Hrs or 1 year which ever comes first . It come with ceiling mount bracket , 15 m cable both power and fiber hdmi Selling at $3899
  3. Hi Guy , Hi I am doing Promotion Only 1 complete set : This is an introduction offer for a great combination between BenQ 5700 and Titanium Grey to obtain great Black Levels and vibrant colour . A) BenQ 5700 4K HDR projector 3 year warranty B) Cyrus Titanium Grey 100” 16:9 Fixed screen 2 year warranty Free gift : C) Ceiling mount bracket D) 15 m Fiber HDMI cable E) 15 m Power Cord Thick version Promotion is only for all the above item , a combinational offer of SDG $5680. Please what’s app to make arrangement 9765 0195 Alf . Thanks for viewing
  4. Yes the correct choice are UST projector and couple with UST lenticular screen . Note that it will not be very sharp compare with those short and mid throw traditional projector for sure . Two factors the UST lens usually are made of plastic and it is light path axis will not be even . The other factor is the lenticular screen is not smooth that will not have a sharp image. The lenticular structure direct light path towards user . If your friend is not critical he can buy things that fit his budget .
  5. Hi Ron , these type of material is best to be in fixed front projection . As it needs the smooth surface to provide best result . I Do have another type of Grey AT material for those Control Lighted enviroment , who wants better black level.
  6. Dark scene with natural side light and top light . Dark scene again with only side natural light , all the above are with BenQ Projector and Cyrus Titanium Grey Screen material .
  7. Another type of lighting condition , natural light from the left side and top lights .
  8. Hi Ron , Finally got time to up load picture , replying to the question on if having grey screen will the white bar is still white .
  9. Very good question Ron, let me try to get the same Salina Gomez footage hopefully good resolution and capture to show you .
  10. Hi Guys this time I am putting up picture with ambient lights on top and side reflected. The projector use is the Benq w5700 and Cryus Grey screen . Will put up some bright and dark seen to look at the differences . Now some dark scene. Note: the image quality and brightness depends on the preference of user , example type of room condition environment settings , the projector brightness , mode type available , type of adjustment available ,lastly the projector and screen match up to get the optimal or desireable result .
  11. The JVC warranty by the local service centre is still the same place : JVCKENWOOD Singapore Pte Ltd. 1 Ang MoKio Street 63 Singapore 569 110 Tel : 6496 4571 / 6496 4589. Do give them a call to arrange for service and repair for the New and older model . If i am not wrong they will arrange with 3rd party installer to provide the service to remove and replace the projector with some cost .
  12. Hi Ron the above picture really looks interesting, most 2.35 format images have black bars on the TOP and Bottom the MTV images have white bars instead .
  13. I am selling on behalf of the customer , he has recently up graded to a larger screen and want to sell away his beloved Stewart Fire Hawk 96" 16: 9 Fixed Frame . It will come with packing box ( not Stewart film screen)screen material , Fixed frames ,wall mounts and also instruction manual The external frame is 2290 mm W x 1360 mm H (Black Velvet frame ) Frame broad is 85 mm . The Image is 2125 mm W x 1190 mm H Model G2 optical Coating .Overall I would say it around frame is 70% condition . Personally I have clean in it and did a test on my JVC Projector to see on the surface
  14. Yes it is, for many years it was 1 year carry in to local service centre . Now the table has change the local now will have more dealers selling JVC with local service centre doing the warranty support . Now you have options to buy from many other vendors .
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