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  1. Just arrived in Singapore BenQ LK990 Laser 4k /UHD projector . Having 6000 ansi lumen single DLP chip it is ideal for those larger screen and also handle very well HDRs with the extra brightness. Selling at great price of SDG $15890 and 3 year local warranty it is a fantastic value . Those keen please PM me to arrange viewing as i require social distance measure .
  2. Item: BenQ Location: 18 Sin Ming Lane #07 -10 Price: $ 5700 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Projector and screen Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  3. Item: BenQ Home Theatre Projector Location: BLk 18 Midview City # 07 -10 s 573 960 Price: $ 2500 Item Condition: Excellent condition ( air con room ) Reason for selling: Up grade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paynow Extra Info: The unit comes with complete box and remote , still have 12 month warranty and the hrs clock was only 65 , it is as good as new . Please do self collection and able to test on the spot to make sure all is in working condition . First come basis or pay up to reserved . Thanks for viewing Item is sold Photos (you must incl
  4. Item: Projector & Screen Location: Midview City Price: 11 k Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  5. Usually higher gain screen will have smaller viewing angle , hence you feel like there is a colour shift or drop , when you move left to right . Do not forget the characteristics of screen material if it is Reflective , Retro reflective or Dispersion type that will determine where you can place the projector . The old school Glass beaded and Silver screen material many years back are very popular , they have narrow viewing angle . It was match with very low brightness projectors : Over head Projector , Slide projector and CRTs Another critical point is products ac
  6. Please allow me to show you guys what i mean , base on a picture recent install on the new Cyrus cine projection screen model Titanium Grey . These screen is very versatile for both " Bat cave " and ambient light condition . Picture speaks a thousand words i guess . It took me a while to launch this out due to the intensive testing for any material in perfection and climate testing . This is the 3rd Generation of Titanium Grey as these has is the best of all . It consist of smooth uniform finish , lower glitters and most important able to acclimatize to ou
  7. Xfii , you are are spot on . Gain of screen does not equate to better HDR picture quality. Our expectation of picture in a Home Theatre set up have 3 type Images . The classic bat cave in a dedicated room with lights off , those still in bat cave but with a bit more ambient lights and lastly those set up in halls or living rooms . The great part with the new 4K 0r UHD projector they are brighter and able to do wider colour mode range, combine with new screen material tone or shades allows you to have better control over the type of picture quality , brightness , contra
  8. Item: Benq 5700 4k Location: Sin Ming Lane Price: SDG $3000 Item Condition: 100% Reason for selling: Demo Unit Payment Method: self collect pay Cash or pay now Extra Info: Will provide 1 pcs 4k UHD callibration disc. Please PM or contact 9765 0195 to arrange Photos (you must include photographs here):
  9. The thing about projection it will be affected on room colour choice , especially bright colour on a white screen and light colour curtains . Projection lights path is like any other lights beam , it bounces of from any light colour surfaces . It's like sound reflects from hard surfaces to all around in the room. The image quality will depend on the type of projector brightness and screen surfaces you have , that will determine much you can change and colour choice and overal looks of your surrounding . Likely new type of PJ and screen type will allow you to hav
  10. First Picture with more ambient light from top and side . The second is only the top lights , these are using the BenQ 2000 ansi lumens 4k UHD projector . If you have a higher brightness it will be even better it you couple with these new Titanium Grey 4K screen material . Those are keen please arrange to come and have a actual feel of the enhancement compare to a White Material .
  11. Brand new Cyrus cine projection screen 100” 16:9 format 80 mm black velvet fixed frame .These screen ideal to match with new HDR bright projector. Selling at SDG $1680 . Please what’s app 9765 0195 to arrange . If trade in your old Cyrus screen is available do let me know . Thanks for viewing
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