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  1. I decided to bite the bullet and reset the TV - I was resisting this due to the hassle of having to sign in to the other apps, but after doing it, the app works now. Just sharing this info in case others face this issue. Thank you
  2. Thanks bros but no joy so far.. When I press the mewatch app, it goes into it, shows me the mewatch page, then goes to an ad on HBO, and stays there. I left the TV on for the next 20 mins... still at that page. If I try to go direct to say Channel 5, it takes me back to that HBO ad page, that's it...
  3. https://www.thedigitalfix.com/film/home-releases-news/indiana-jones-4k-blu-ray-2021/ Yes...
  4. Friends I just discovered this app doesn’t work anymore on my bog standard samsung RU7100. I haven’t added anything to it. Has anyone else faced this? the app just freezes on the startup page. Other apps like Netflix work fine. Thanks
  5. Hi bro As discussed, most Oppo players are good, but do note that they will also age... and that means the most vunerable part, the laser mechanism will slowly deteriorate. So I won't advocate getting an older player. If quality SACD playback is very important, a new / newer player will be my suggestion.
  6. Interesting choices.. https://www.stereonet.asia/features/stereonet-2020-product-of-the-year-awards I've only had the pleasure of using the Rotel.. not familiar with the rest sadly..
  7. Yep 👍 Code free playback for DVDs is pretty common in most Oppo players look for the smart iso file easily downloaded onto a disc from online sources however BR region free sets were limited to only certain batches
  8. I would really suggest version 1. An odd shaped room is more awkward to manage. But you should really talk to a acoustic pro in your country.. And think about it, the cost of such renovations / alterations is probably more than the cost of switching to bookshelves.. But renovations could be much cheaper over there... Anyways, there are many ways to get the results you want, so I'll let the pros chip in, cheers.
  9. I saw this on Qanvast: If you have an equally narrow room, this is what happens if you try to fit those floorstanders.. And you won't get the best out of your system.. Hope it doesn't belong to any bro here..
  10. Just curious why did you choose Pioneer? And perhaps you can share a budget, some pics of your setup / room so bros here can help you if you like. More info, more help. For basic models, even the big box stores have Pioneer amps. However you can also buy them online now via Lazada as mentioned.
  11. One more list the movies here look more familiar 🙂 https://www.ft.com/content/84df5b5b-7895-438e-a653-bc630424296c?fbclid=IwAR05iTGWBggVPqEc-GRcbzQWG2SQMWeULNl8aWWBvV9EoMr4ZiV9fiqKWWk
  12. I had one before no issues its a very reliable albeit simple player bear in mind these second hand examples will be quite old.. check the drive and see if they are really better than your current Sony http://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2015/12/oppo-bdt-101ci-review.html?m=1 The new X800MK 2 may be within your budget.
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