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  1. I used KNT for my main move and Helping Hands for the less important items - they are a social concerns group and I’ve patronised them many times.
  2. Bro, I don't have an OLED, but I kept my Sony LED 75" box. If you want it, pm me. I used AV One, not cheap but very pro. Or you can google for KNT or Charis.
  3. Stressless offer - FYI https://www.stressless.com/en-sg/promotions/special-offer?fbclid=IwAR1ZFbf64Tmk01ImGo87ndFN2zn6NPdBIWKgXUVUqPjaNBvj9dDzI9ysmoM
  4. +1 Most contractors will be able to cut the trough and bury the cables.. You supply the binding posts, cables and they should know..
  5. There are some budget panels on sale now during the Lazada 9th birthday sale...
  6. Very nice home TS. You may want to have more than one LAN point in important areas, and also have one at the front and rear porch, and two points at the central area where you site your router. The switch and ONT can be in your storeroom / electrical room, but is patched to the central area where your router sits. Check the costs of routing, most of the time, bottlenecks occur at the website, and the quality of the mesh will be a bigger fast if you are using wifi a lot. Ethernet backhaul will help that. Siting the router / AP higher up will help with the wifi signals.
  7. I’m waiting eagerly to go back to Granville for El Jannah chicken.. in the mean time i can suggest a couple of places : uncle ho’s tuckshop - great pho enaq prata in jurong - best 👍
  8. Thanks for the info, can you pm the selling price of the S 520? Thank you
  9. The list of nominees are out: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/03/15/entertainment/oscar-nominations-2021/index.html
  10. I walked past their store.. sadly I don’t think they have it anymore but the company is still going strong in Taiwan, so it might worth a trip for beef noodles and some speakers 👍
  11. The problem with the smaller brands is service and support new equipment needs firmware updates and for such a company to succeed they must make sure the product works without snafus
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