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  1. Roland has left Dynaudio?? He was the big spokesman for them... Really friendly chap https://www.fairaudio.de/news/roland-hoffmann-im-team-steinway-lyngdorf
  2. Thanks to bro Francis My friend got the LG82" for 3499 with a free BR player and some credits from AH. I think he will pair it with the JBL Atmos 9.1
  3. How about this? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001565451142.html?spm=a2g0o.search0302.0.0.68e82016LsrrUE&ad_pvid=202010191217442322086302625320001679275_4&s=p
  4. The specs look interesting, although the price is rather steep...
  5. Hey bro This might not be the answer you were looking for, but if his viewing distance isn't too far, maybe he is better off with a nice 75" LED? It will be more suited to a living room environment, can double up to watch FTA and it should have all the built in apps too for things like Netflix etc. Most importantly, it will be far brighter..
  6. There’s a card promo now spend more than $150 on your DBS MasterCard and get a rebate. But check the discs they should be region 1 unless stated
  7. In SG, The Experts Group sells B&W Denon and Marantz are sold by an assorted bunch of vendors. I think Classe is now sold by AV One...
  8. Amazon SG has some 4k deals: https://www.amazon.sg/gp/promotion/A1EQDA54PLW3EV?ie=UTF8&ref_=plp_pc_rd_A1EQDA54PLW3EV
  9. A useful video on HDMI 2.1: [embed=425,349] [/embed]
  10. Just to save you the effort of getting a replacement: I wonder if you have tried a reset? Or maybe check that the connectors are tight?
  11. That's one reason why I didn't go for the PJ route in the end in my old home.. I could only max out at eighty plus inches. If there was a cheap TV then, I would have got it then. This LG 82" is a boon to those who can swing it in their homes.. Good VFM. The next step will be the Sony 9000H 85", but that cost almost twice as much..
  12. Update https://www.sony.com.sg/electronics/support/lcd-tvs-android-xf85xx_x85xxf_xf87xx-series/kd-43x8500f/downloads/00016954#relevant_products
  13. Sadly the SG iTunes remains HD and there’s no Atmos upgrade unlike the US account :(
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