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  1. I place an LED strip at the back of my console and a mirror. I also keep a printout of the layout of the rear connectors and keep it under the amp. Marantz and Denon AVRs provide labels with their amps.
  2. It's not hard. But I would suggest you use some scotch tape, add a paper and label each wire. Eg "Front LEFT" Then unscrew the binding posts. One suggestion is to add a banana plug so when you get your new AVR, just plug it in. https://blog.kantoaudio.com/tech-tuesday-how-to-connect-speaker-wire-to-a-binding-post/
  3. Bro, maybe you can PI one in from USA and DIY? https://www.denon.com/en-us/product/av-receivers/avr-x8500h-hdmi-8k-upgrade
  4. So your PC and your NA 11 are on Different networks as suspected Connect your NA 11 with a LAN cable to the RT 1200. Turn OFF the RT 66. Get a LAN cable from the RT 1200 to your PC. Use the iPhone to join whatever network the RT 1200 is on.
  5. Do this You have not answer if the iPhone, NA 11 and PC are all on the same network bro..
  6. As a crude concept, connect a very long LAN cable from the back of the first router direct to the NA 11, see if it works. Bring the NA 11 close to it if needed. If it does, then a bit of cabling will solve the issues. I am still advocating Airplay.. and a Mac mini 😉
  7. Bro I think this arrangement is one of the reasons for your issues with your wifi network. https://www.quora.com/Can-having-2-routers-cause-problems I'm no pro so you'll need help from a pro on this, but essentially from what I know, it's not a good idea to have two routers in your system. Eliminate one of them or use another as a bridge or AP. Unless the wifi signal is bad, you should use one router and both models are good ones. Then the LAN cable from the NA 11 should be plugged into the single router that you're using. If you want to use both them, it'
  8. There's no need to set IP address. I've Never done it for my NA 11. It will find it's own once it joins your local network. And your app on your phone in your home will join the same network and find the NA11. No fuss. But they must be on the same network.
  9. You can also try web control. But as I mentioned in your other thread, the user interface is very rudimentary.
  10. Is your friend on the same wifi network as your NA11 - yes, the NA 11 is using LAN, but it also needs to be linked to your wifi system. You cannot control it without wifi.
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