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  1. From my recent experience, this hopefully will benefit those looking to put together a Windows PC. As I have close to zero knowledge, I needed a lot of help and approached the few shops mentioned early of this thread at Sim Lim Sq/Twr. These shops are basically trading in IT parts, they buy and sell. I realized they may not and unable to entertain an IT noob such as myself. They may offer advise on parts or putting 2-3 components together but too time consuming for my needs, many questions and requirements. They have after all a business to take care of. Gave Carouse
  2. Works well for me. Though am looking around for a good set of desktop speakers, I currently have the Harmon Kardon soundstick. A few tiles on top of the woofer, together with the feature to tune up and down the bass, the result is positive and easily audible. I have also the anti slip rubber mat between each tile. The woofer is also sitting on a reasonably heavy tile. While I have yet to experiment enough with the anti slip mat and the heavy tile the woofer sits on, the tiles on top of the woofer definitely has a positive effect. The thrill of simple DIY for better sound.
  3. Thank you . Should this be like a CPU? And all I need is to get a monitor and good to go ?
  4. Thanks Mr J, especially the after sales service.
  5. Went through your reply again, thanks Boxerfan. That was lots of well organised info, know-how and what you use for yourself.
  6. i rekon i did not go into enough details. primarily it will be for work using microsoft office, internet surfing, definitely not gaming . next priority wld be sound. Wld be great if I can watch a concert or two with the sound system . I will not be DIYing and wld need someone to put all together. Bench mark sound wld be the focal XSbooks which I like. Nothing to shout about but this is a start. I have also a hi fi set so I have some idea how a proper hi fi shd sound like and I am realistic how a desk top PC wld turn out. I need help in terms of which parts, software, d
  7. main purpose would be for work at home, word, excel, basically microsft office like to have a good enough sound system. do not need game, do not want games. I am new to this, so am not inclined towards any particular system or brand, etc. reliability is important, and yes after sales service is very important as you rightly pointed out. thank you.
  8. Thanks for the tips man ! Good infomation and experainces from all of you
  9. not into DIY and I need a good shop or someone but these are absolutely helpful information, thanks man !
  10. thanks for this, and thanks fellas for all your input , each and everyone.
  11. had a few laptops and they are very convenient but a lot more wear and tear and problems before we ended up carrying it around a lot more. Current HP desk top lasted close to 10 years as I use it with lot more care.
  12. Not using the PC for gaming fellas .
  13. If you would build one, any shop you have had good experience from? No gaming facilities required. Lots been said on the internet that building one would cost less, with better performance. Online check throws up a few from Sim Lim Sq - Fullwell Bizgram Dynacore Tech I do not know if all of the above would build it though or they sell parts only What do I look out for if I am going for some level of good sound ? Fanless ? Does this compromise reliability? What else fellas ? Need your view, opinion and experaince. Thanks !
  14. Bought at the CD shop that used to operate at Shaw Towers, Dreamland. They sell harder to find and selective CDs. Bought , played a few times and forgotten all about it. Conservatively, set is in above good condition. Playing cards in factory sealed package, and never been unpacked. https://sg.carousell.com/p/andy-lau-best-of-my-love-collectors-box-set-comes-with-andy-lau-sealed-playing-cards-1013326257/?t-id=lc7624qyYl_1592115251747&t-referrer_request_id=X0Ra8HsV1XOulFoN
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