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  1. Don't beat around the bush bro djq.
  2. What's it good for other than this? Dashboard display for your car cockpit. ;D
  3. There's one pink female robot residing on cybertron in the gen 1 cartoon along with an old grey uncle robot.
  4. There isn't any videos in UHD HDR on youtube that are must watch. Unless one really wants to autoplay demo videos.
  5. titactoh, are you using with the super xfi amp? senn hd400S and 300 are not in the headphone profile.
  6. SXfi gen2, Creative has made uploading headmap data easier. Follow the steps to get a scan of your ears, you can now use either android or iphone to do headmapping. https://us.creative.com/sxfisupport/getting-started To download the headmap and selected headphone profile into the sxfi amp, you can use either your android phone usb c connection or the super xfi control windows PC program. The first gen of sxfi amp came with a usb c cable and a usb c female to usb a male connector. Not sure about now. Your in-ears will connect to the sxfi amp through the amp's 3.5mm socket. Or
  7. Will supe grow a beard?
  8. RIP, he sang some of my fav songs
  9. Star Wars Special Edition... more milking
  10. Wow, they should suspend the league for at least 2 weeks. Health and wellbeing of everyone is more important here.
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