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  1. Looking for a media player to play from NAS. Narrowed down to these2 are about the $400 range. Grateful if you could share some of the pro and cons. Is Kodi the app use for these 2 for streaming 4k Atmos movies form NAS? Any good to use as media player for hi res audio ?
  2. Since watts/volts = amperage draw and assuming watts is constant. 1000w = 10A x 110 So for 230v the amperage would be 1000w/230 = 4.35A So max A is 4.35 before fuse cut off. Not sure if above method is correct.
  3. Anyone else has any experience using 103 or 105? is it the same for 203 205?
  4. I am using MA for HT. My personal "theory" is if can only upgrade one, I choose Centre over LR. As centre is where most of the dialogue and other sound come from in HT. Just my own theory haha but I do get better dialogue after upgrading centre. But of course can upgrade all then upgrade all.
  5. I do find there is more coherence using the same brand. But my centre is higher range compared to LR. I find I get more bang upgrading centre than LR. Of course if money no object upgrade all. But usually doesnt go that way haha. How do you share the LR speakers with 2 channel hifi? I find it troublesome to plug and unplug speakers from different amps, so I gave up.
  6. Hi I recently tried playing a hybrid sacd on my oppo103 and tried to use my external DAC. However I discovered that there is only signal if I use hdmi to dac. But there is no signal when I use coaxial. I know coaxial cant carry dsd but I already selected preference to play cd layer on the oppo 103. As a hybrid SACD it is supposedly able to play the red book layer even on normal cdp. Is it because the 103 can play sacd and as such it will not play the red book layer? Any help on this?
  7. LWCM

    Bass on a budget

    As an update I got an old Velodyne CHT-10R. Very happy with it. Punchy and tight.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Can I book the session after CNY whenever it is?
  9. Like to share my idea to enjoy our hobbies without wife compliants haha. Made mine as a family potrait. Very high Wife Acceptance Factor hahaha. Cant seem to insert photo so I just post link below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hiaUoK7EcYbUMPqa7 I got mine made by Winwinc81. Quality is great and he is so helpful too. The elimination of reflections and flutter echo is very obvious. Bass is tighter too.
  10. Hi I am thinking of getting this as Kodi on my TV box always hang. Any issues to use kodi for this? Also what app do you use with this to stream videos from NAS? Also how does this compare to Roku Ultra which is also 4k capable.
  11. I found a supplier on Carousell. MOQ is 2 pieces. Anyone want to share with me for a 1200x800x60 custom print? $259 per piece. I want one so if another person can join me we can order. Interested please pm me your WhatsApp to coordinate.
  12. LWCM

    Bass on a budget

    Wharfedale is very cheap. Anyone has it and what’s your feedback?
  13. Hi can I ask which would be a better choice for about the same budget? Brand new Wharfedale sub below $300 OR 10 years old velodyne slightly above $300?
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