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  1. It works with any PlayFi device? Maybe can stream to Onkyo AVR and play Atmos files?
  2. Nostalgia. In 2006, thats when I join xtremeplace. Still manage to pull out pictures which was posted then. 5.1 System LCR : Heco Odeon Tower 1 Surrounds / Sub : Castle Compact AVR : Yamaha 2600 Source : Oppo, Xbox, Playstation For my bedroom is a Pioneee HTIB.
  3. Hi. Can anyone help to confirm whether Music Player 6 is included in the latest 2.3.35 for uhd2000 and z9s It is not mention in the firmware log but people are talking about it in the Zidoo forums Thanks in.advance.
  4. Ya. I caught it yesterday. I love star trek but this first episode seems a bit underwhelming. Hope it gets better, but knowing me I will still finished it.😁
  5. I have bought from jbhifi but those days, my daughter will bring it back when she returns to Singapore. Unfortunately she is back for good since last year and thus my good br deals is gone. JBHifi is trustworthy, but I wouldn't say normal mail is predictable especially if it is cross country. I had lost normal local mails, so personally my trust level is pretty low. Hope it helps
  6. Have occasionally experience disc freezing when playing it on xbox one x and sony x700. A simple reset will resolved it. But so far have not experience any ever since i switched to Panny UB820.
  7. Also watching Another Life now. Noticed what they used to depict an alien fruit in one of the episodes. Had me in stitches.😁😁
  8. Thanks. It looks like not that many changes and MP6 is not included. If I skip this version (for uhd2000 and z9s) and when the next update comes, do I have to do 2 upgrades or I can go direct to the new one from 2.3.32 Thanks
  9. Product link from challenger. Hit Check In Store, a list of their outlets that has these will be shown. https://www.challenger.com.sg/products/detail/4953103338630/Elecom-LD-OCTT-BM30-3m-Cat-8-Lan-Cable-Blue
  10. So now this is the look of the year? Yamaha new AVR has similar look😀
  11. Just finished it and it is nice. Also notice that MBB and her sis are the producers. :)
  12. Those days, Xbox 360 initial version has the Red Ring of Death issue.. Initially it will be replace free at service centre. I had all 3 of mine then replaced. Then no issues. Hit rate like 30+% Yours could be later version. No such production issues. YLOD is PS3's "version", I think but hit rate not that high as Xbox 360.
  13. 1. Thanks. As long as it does affect lamplife or its assembly, it can be an option to consider. 2. Yes, active. It is fibre hdmi. It will need a pretty long cable, wondering whether normal copper will cause more unknowns during the test. By set could be faulty, is it referring to AVR or JVC? 3. Thanks. Yes, I am aware. Thus will like to leave the projector screen in off/standby as i don't need the display/screen. The intermittent behaviour do not occur only if I have the projector mains off or have it power on. Standby cannot.😁
  14. Great if side panels can be changed. Will have cheaper 3rd party option. Lol
  15. COD Cold War Cross gen support between ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox x and pc Xbox version kind of sad as xbox one and xbox x disc version is separate cost though u can play xbox one disc on series X. PS version just need a upgrade fee. Sigh, which version to get.
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