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  1. Thanks, that's mighty nice of you to offer.😁 Its ok. I think I will order it straight, still the best way to reduce space. Thanks again
  2. Hi. Should connect to the Front preouts and set Amp assign to preamplifier mode. I think u do not intend to run it as zone 2. Here is the link to the online manual http://manuals.denon.com/AVRX3700H/NA/EN/DRDZSYasydxfyy.php Hope it help
  3. Nice. May I know where did u get that from? Thanks
  4. Lol..dunno y....just now i cant read your post. It said I do not have permission to read. But now its ok. Happens a few times now and it seem to be only on this section. No worries, will drop a note to admin to enquire. Thanks
  5. Dont have permission to see it? Under what situation will this appear?
  6. Yes, wait will I. Till Amazon US price drop or when travel is open between Aus & Sin😁
  7. They mention international deliveries via air mail which likely means no tracking. Apparently vpost supports Amazon AU, not sure one can get good deals there. JBhifi deals are good. Hope there will be a trackable delivery option soon.😁
  8. Alas.....envious of the pricing in Aus. Try to order from Amazon and is US82 without shipping. Oh when will Aus started shipping to Sin for blurays
  9. I see memory (32G) and internal psu different too.
  10. Currently, i have only the Denon 8500 to run Tidal. Kind of suspect Tidal Connect will not come to HEOS that quickly. Hmm, maybe get a Bluesound node 2i and Apple TV 4k. I think still cheaper than the NAD Master Series 😁😁
  11. Thanks. Looks like not much choices available.😁
  12. Hi. Looking for a device that supports Tidal MQA, Tidal Atmos and Tidal Connect. Thinking of trying it. Can 2019 Nvidia Shield do it and if there are other devices that does? Thanks
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