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  1. You are selling the atc speakers so soon ,you change speakers as fast as changing clothes. ;D
  2. [embed=425,349] [/embed] No football watch this later. 無間道
  3. Ok no blame you. Your super expensive.speaker you no scare, my cheap speaker also no scare. Supurise it is a car polish.
  4. Where to buy paste wax? Show pic please thanks.
  5. Polish with English lemon oil? If so, where to buy?
  6. No football watching 007 spectre now. :)
  7. The guy is useless when he runs out of arrows and capt america is nothing without the shield. This avengers movie is better than endgame.
  8. No football watching avengers now on ch5. :)
  9. Capt America fighting Capt America.
  10. No football watching endgame now ;D
  11. that music shop at wisma with food. 3rd floor i think.
  12. Thanos is now with daughter gomara.
  13. No football watching infinity war now
  14. Now Man U also wants Philippe Coutinho
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