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  1. mint condition rubicon 6 tower speaker, wanna save space, so looking to trade with bookshelf speaker
  2. Test and self collect at cck ave 5. Contact 88160799 to arrange a session.
  3. looking for affordable monitor audio, qacoustics, dali ENTRY level book shelf speaker pls state condition, location, warranty status below 400sgd
  4. brand new cost 2200. selling at 1500. self collect and test at cck north 6. contact 88160799, heng
  5. brand new cost 6800. selling at 5800. self collect and test at cck ave 5 contact 88160799, heng
  6. 1. Integrated AMP (silver) 2. DAC (silver) Bought locally. Brand new cost around 6000. Warranty left about 3-4 years. Selling for 4500 (fixed). prefer to sell both together. self collect and test at cck ave 5 contact 88160799, heng
  7. Thanks for all the input guys! After all the testing and audtitiong... I think i will stick with nas->netbk/cdt->dac->amp instead.... Better sq...
  8. it seems like the NAS synology DS216J has better sound quality compared to my netbook acer aod260... at least the punch seems better, anyone got any experience with this?
  9. How is this compare to sotm or auralic aries?
  10. Dun see any option to use deezer and tidal....
  11. I use to do this too, now am considering nas -> dac -> amp
  12. Yup, have u tried k3 dac? There seems to be a relay switching when i change song, a tic tac sound...
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