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  1. There is a distance away just that you can't see it i can stretch out my arms and can't touch my speakers as well from my sitting position.......my odyssey is a 32" monitor my keyboard is on the edge of the table and mouse.....when playing games i used xbox controller not keyboard and mouse....and listening to music from a distance so it doesn't affect me on what you stated....there's a lot ppl using high end speaker like magico a1, sopra n1 and wilson audio tunetot as well as nearfield it depend on how big is your table in terms of sitting position you can always move back.......
  2. After placing my amp and dac on audiophile rack it seems to sound more focus and cleaner than before.....where i stack my amp on top of the dac and place them on the floor.....
  3. Damn awesome when playing on Sony 4K projector
  4. Can't wait to hook up projector to play......
  5. Wa....buy first jumper cable dunno if it really works.....already buy transparent one so hardcore...........glad to have big players to share share in this forums......mainly ppl will criticize me of snake oil without even bother trying
  6. How do those sonus faber sounds like? rarely see ppl owned those and chat on forums.....i only saw a lot of carousell letting go...didn't saw at adelphi if not i curious to have a listen how italy speakers sounds like....... Zephyr11 i manage to have a glimpse listening to those kef wireless 2 at funan while i purchasing something.....think is not bad like better than the previous model.....new one with meta has more control although soundstage like the same.....but it doesn't have the thin sounding which ppl talking about think those nad they use on the passive are cmi...
  7. I think should try testing with the wireless II than the passive one as the active are driven well by their internal build amp that are tune for those drivers if that one don't sound nice then the passive one is a no go.....there are a lot of options on a 2k range there is dali menuet se which i find it to look really nice , focal aria , dynaudio evoke 10 and bowers and wilkins 707s2 Dali Menuet SE back got hole for the dali bracket if wanna mount to wall
  8. actually passive LS50 needs like a hegel h190 or naim atom to shine in term of the vocal part and fullness you will get from those amps.... they just lack of lows and bass as compare to a 3-way.....i seen alot ppl always using cheap amp NAD D 3045 or rega brio r or even less than 1k amp to drive them as they thought ls50 is a cheap speaker so amp part they cheap out.....then sold it away by not utilising it's potential
  9. I always find that LS50 had a weak lower range and something was missing using as a desktop speakers.....if for living room use is best to have a subwoofer if not pay a bit more for R3 easier to drive and better lows...i had a dynaudio SP40 in my room sometimes i swap with ls50 they just floor it i know for the price comparison is unfair...that why i end up with a pmc twenty5 21 on my desktop then later on a D3
  10. Old Kef ls50 is netural not as dark as R3....soundstage is not as wide....good for near-field monitor and bass is not as much and deep as compare to R3 as R3 had a extra bass driver so u will felt like you missing something in the lows.....for treble is not bright didn't tried before with cayin so no comment on how it alter the sound....i only using it with a AB amp....for the newer meta i not sure as i didn't heard of it in person so no comment
  11. oh yes it does and shielding are better using telfon with silver-plated core but these kinda things are depend on own system it makes a difference to mine but maybe not yours cause we are not using the same gear....so i can't suggest that it will make a differences to yours.......i had previous speakers using the same jumper with good results so i getting it.....if you wanna try to hear the difference you could try with a kef reference 1 using a normal jumper and a nordost jumper the difference is audible not placebo or mind trick it just works cause i hear it at the showroom when i first got
  12. Seems like a lot of ppl getting cables i also recently changed my stock jumpers on my new D3 and fender cleaning cloth and polish solutions to protect those piano black finish.....as piano black are known for scratches
  13. how much did you brought those? i watched those reviews kinda interesting to play had the psvr last time the experience is kinda sux too long will get dizzy especially game like farpoint with the aim controller....
  14. Mcintosh also markup very high in sg, i had a friend he brought and import from U.S there is a risk he say he willingly to make for faulty sent back to U.S is a pain in the ass....ong radio will charge very high price for servicing if your Mcintosh was not purchase locally can be track by serial number....the price of one Mcintosh in sg you could buy a higher end model in U.S.....that's why i stick with hegel if not i would want a Mcintosh is a dream to see those meters but is not worth it in terms of pricing
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