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  1. sounds like a tedious job....but it looks like it comes out from the factory very well done....
  2. looks amazing you done that yourself? easily remove if wanna change colour?
  3. with gaia 2 footer is great everything open up....that's why i brought tons of them used on my 7.1's floodstanders/centre ,my room setup's aperta and desktop's aperta.....but for my gear only one amp using the orea footer the bluray player using nordost kones
  4. wow...that's hardcore...but you got used them from time to time? cause i know speakers if store too long without using the rubber side will starts to crack on it's own....had a old budget mission and yamaha speakers both driver's side rubber cracks cause i store it very long without using.....too use to my current speakers don't wanna hear low end liao....
  5. I imported some desk peripherals from U.S Grovemade doesn't add enhancements to sound but the looks of the overall setup
  6. Didn't get the Meze empyrean the limited edition red looks chio......
  7. Yea i told someone here before epicon is kinda great...a different presentation than my focal/dynaudio/kef/bowers so kinda refreshing......would be curious to know magico a1 when i got time to go demo
  8. What i mean is there is no right or wrong in audio it all comes down to own preferences....whether you like or not in the end is you listen....you may find naim not as good but others may find it great....ts best option is to go out do demo to know what he likes.....
  9. dunno maybe my h160 is not strong enough btw i maybe thinking of upgrading it to bigger brother h390.....naim SN3 with my 805D3 does have more slam in the bass region compare to my h160 it seems to sound fun and exciting like showing off to you what i can do.... compare to hegel is those kinda draw you in and will not sound fatigue after a long period of listening....naim with my dynaudio sp40 also sound more exciting, but for kef with naim it doesn't sound as great..... with hegel kef does sound better as kef have a more darker presentation.......
  10. Gryphon already out budget of ts territory liao if can whack that level Pass labs/Accuphase /Sim Moon all fall in the list liao....for me naim is good....in term of their SQ is a matter of taste and your setup may sound different.....it will be not have crystal clear details as the hegel but in term of midrange and bass they have a different characteristic presentation hegel's bass doesn't have the slam as naim, but hegel has a neutral presentation compare to naim....and thus naim got those layback sound not everyone will like it.....
  11. Welcome to a world that never ends lol.....once you had a 8k speaker with a 4k gear if you had audio friends bring their 8k gear to your house to listen you began to hiam the 4k gear.....then when you itchy finger go buy a 12k gear thinking it will sound better than your friend 8k gears....you began to hiam the 8k speaker cause 12k gear you think it was not utilising your gear full potential then the loop goes on again......
  12. Looking nice how it looks like after mounting didn't show? haha
  13. Anthem STR comes with ARC room correction hope it helps https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/collection=performance/model=str-integrated-amplifier/page=overview
  14. I see....naim atom has output pre-out rca so able to add in a power amp in the future as well just to let u know....if you buy a nova then add a power amp later on is a waste of money if you are always upgrading.....if you are fine with nova and have no means of upgrading later on that is a good choice as all in one liao.....
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