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  1. This is an evaluation of Lumin X1 Leedh Processing Volume by Wesley Miaw of Neko Audio LLC:
  2. See if you can find a unity gain position of your integrated amp. With the integrated amp set to unity gain (or HT Bypass), you can compare the Leedh Processing Volume against the integrated amp volume.
  3. Leedh Processing Volume (an EUR5000 optional feature from another manufacturer) is now available as a free upgrade for Lumin product line: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/lumin8/
  4. U1 vs U1 MINI: external LPS vs internal SMPS, heavy aluminium chassis, DSD512 vs DSD256 for Linux native DSD compatible USB DAC U1 MINI has great cost performance.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll ask someone to correct it.
  6. No. We do not have a high power processor in Lumin. Some manufacturers advertise high power processor as a feature, but there is a different school that believes higher power is not necessarily better for SQ so they underclock the CPU in their products. It's also not hard to find people underclock and undervolt the PC for audio.
  7. Please power cycle your Lumin X1. After that, in Lumin app, please turn Spotify Connect to Off, then On. On iPad, please logout from Spotify. Reboot iPad, then login Spotify and retry. If it's still not working, I'll send you a new firmware with the latest Spotify SDK.
  8. They support upsampling to DSD128 only. U1 and T2 supports playback of DSD256 file or DSD512 (upsampled from Roon or Audirvana). U1 MINI supports playback of DSD256 file, but not DSD512 stream/file.
  9. In order to add the whole album to playlist, please tap and hold the album art.
  10. Lumin T2 Review by StereoNET Australia https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/lumin-t2-network-player-review
  11. Some users reported they required hundreds of hours to burn it in. Please put music of different sample rates to the Lumin playlist, turn on repeat and let it play 7x24 for several weeks. Turn off the amp if necessary. Please experiment with both re-sampling off and upsampling to DSD128. Some people prefer straight PCM, some prefer DSD upsampling. Since you mentioned streaming, you may try some music files placed on MinimServer freeware on local network, or a USB thumb drive. Please also try the fiber setup: http://www.luminmusic.com/support-fibre.html
  12. For the USB drive, it must not have more than one partition. Best way is to use MinimServer on a NAS or computer.
  13. We have released LUMIN Firmware 12 to add the multi-room feature, which allows loosely synchronized playback of music among several LUMIN or Songcast-compatible players (e.g. Linn). - Any LUMIN model can be a 'Receiver' - LUMIN X1 / T2 / D2 / U1 / U1 MINI / M1 can all be 'Senders' An interesting technical aspect of our implementation is that a LUMIN sender model can perform MQA Core decoding ("first unfold") or DSD to PCM transcoding before sending to Linn players via Songcast protocol. This is noteworthy because Linn does not support MQA, and old Linn players did not support DSD.
  14. Lumin X1 review by home theater review .com https://hometheaterreview.com/lumin-x1-network-player-reviewed/
  15. Lumin X1 review by The Absolute Sound: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/lumin-x1-streamerdacpreamp/
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