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  1. One unit of used Denon 103R MC cartridge with very low usage. Removed from turntable that just been sold. Current retail price is S$480. Selling at S$280 (fixed). Lowballers will be ignored. Self collection, first come first serve. Please PM for deal. Please note price is fixed. THank you
  2. Pre-owned 3.0m Ansuz X Series Mainz Powercord For sale. excellent Condition . Selling at . Offer at SOLD No trade. Local cash sales only Please PM for deal at Bishan Area. Thank you
  3. After Listening for 2 months. I am very sure that my decision to trade in the 4 sparkz to ASI ground cable has really paid off.
  4. Collected the ASI ground cable long time ago but only managed to test out yesterday. I think now I want to "slap" myself for not putting it into use earlier. I was totally amazed by the improvement it can bring upon my humble system, some may said it is magic and I will agree with that. IMHO, this cable could have cost 2 to 3 times more but it is sold at a really attractive price. Quoting from the bro here "This is a must hoot item-if you are serious in listening good quality music. If you cannot discern- then it does not apply to you" I am also not related to seller but
  5. 01) WIM 02) WIM 03) WIM 04) WIM 05) Deklan 06) Deklan 07) escutcheon 08) escutcheon 09) civic x 6 pcs 15) travelfotografer 16) travelfotografer 17) travelfotografer 18) flowerpot 19) titactoh 20) titactoh 21) Khun (Wiber) 22) Khun (Wiber) 23) drac407 24) drac407 25) rambotan 26) rambotan 27) aircraft83 28) Pismo Mac x 4 pieces 32) dc5_itr 33) dc5_itr 34) chinatown 35) Chinatown 36) c14659 37) c14659 38) gerlim 39) gerlim 40) nicholas 41) nicholas 42) hanger_shawn 43) hanger_shawn 44) tsi-dsg 45) tsi-dsg 46) Dayren and Fr
  6. 01) WIM (Paid) 02) Justubes (Paid) 03) B3 (Upgrade) 04) B3 (Upgrade) 05) Lee (Upgrade) 06) 1 DL88 (Upgrade) 07) 2 DL88 (Upgrade) 08) 3 DL88 (Upgrade) 09) 4 DL88 (Upgrade) 10) 5 DL88 (Upgrade) 11) 6 DL88 (Upgrade) 12) 7 DL88 (Upgrade) 13) 8 DL88 (Upgrade) 14) 9 DL88 (Upgrade) 15) 10 DL88 (Upgrade) 16) 11 DL88 (Upgrade) 17) 12 DL88 (Upgrade) 18) Shenzenus (Upgrade) 19) Oen1967 20) Oeb1967 21) B3 22) Henry (Upgrade) 23) Henry (Upgrade) 24) Henry (Upgrade) 25) Keng1234 (Upgrade) 26) Keng1234 (Upgrade) 27) Keng1234 (Upgrade) 28) Momenta (Upgrad
  7. Ecstasy prop tunable mechanical isolation feet for CD/DVD/Blu-ray players. 3 sets of 4 available. All sets used for about 6 month. Selling each set (4 Pieces )at Sold , take all 3 set for Sold. Please whatsapp /sms SOLD if keen. Self collect at bishan area. First come first serve. Thank you Sent from my E5553 using Tapatalk
  8. 01. bigtree - silver 02. cwong - silver 03. colossus - gold 04. taydanny - silver 05. coeuslee - gold 06. planet - silver 07. LG Ho - gold 08. LG Ho - silver 09. lcheetec - gold 10. lcheetec - silver 11. edwardhe - silver 12. ht.chua - gold 13. decibel - gold 14. tanbh3322 - silver 15. matix - silver 16. tymian32 - silver 17. Greenhorn - gold 18. Volks - silver 19. Cisum - gold 20. Timbre - gold 21. Timbre - silver 22. cccp - gold 23. Hyperboxer- silver 24. zz1668 - gold 25. Rockzilla - silver 26. Fatboy00 - silver 27. Melmeow - silver 28.
  9. Wanted to buy Synergistic Research Red Fuse . 1A, 1.6A, 2A Slow blow type, 5x20MM Please pm offer . Thank you.
  10. Like new condition Audeze LCD-X for sale, just open box and test. Full box set with all accessories, receipt and certificate of authenticity. Purchased from stereo on May 2017, 3 years warranty till May 2020. The LCD-X is an extremely efficient headphone that extracts the maximum power out of low-powered amplifiers and portable devices. It's also the most neutral of all the LCD Collection, explaining its popularity with audiophiles, recording engineers and musicians alike, for its clarity and fast, accurate dynamics. The X is sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players
  11. I just got another 2.0M Alu PC from Bro Alan. Understand that the ALU is from an upgrader to ceramic PC. I want to thank the upgrader for upgrading so that I can have the chance to buy the ALU PC. I actually waited for a while. Bro Alan said will surely have upgraders eventually. Just have to wait. I bought within 24 hours of notice.
  12. Replaced my telos qnr with the Ansuz Sparkz . I am totally blown off by the improvement in sound. Totally amazed how this $250 sparkz can beat the telos qnr that cost more than S$1k. With the money i got from the telos sales, I am able to buy one Aluminum powercord . I already have 3 X powercord 3.0m before this, but the short aluminum is another league.
  13. Grade A matched pair from USA Bottle coke type Only 50 hours of usage. Price : SOLD Self collect at Bishan Area. Lowballer and time waster need not response. THank you.
  14. Went to Bro Alan place just now to get more cables. He still has a lot of cables and best of all. I still get the cables at very good price.
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