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  1. Hi All Am returning to the hobby after a few years. I am building my new home and have a space of around 3m by 5m for TV area. I want to use most of my current equipment - b&w 803 fronts, htm2 centre, bel canto ref Mkii amps. My Marantz 8802 is old and I am open to changing it. And I do need a sub (old SVS failed me some time back) + surrounds. I would love to do a lot myself but am little stretched currently. Thus, I am looking for some professional who can help me with room treatment specifically. Would you guys have some contacts who can help me.
  2. Any idea when 7703 would be available in Singapore? Checked with a couple of dealers today and they still have only 7702mkii
  3. And lastly, I should say that contrary to all positive reviews on AVS, initially 8802 gave me a lot of trouble. The HDMI failed twice within a couple of days and thankfully Alpha Audio replaced the unit both times without any issues. So I am a fan of Alpha Audio (Richard) service. The third unit has worked flawlessly since.
  4. My current system is B&W 803 diamond, HTM2, with bel canto ref1000M power amps. Surround is B&W DM1 running on Cambridge audio Azur651 power amp
  5. I have a very simple 5.1 setup actually. The 8802 was a replacement for my 4308 so the improvement in sound quality is significant. The sound stage is great with the excellent detailing. However, as you would understand my comparison was with 4308 (and briefly 4000)
  6. Do you mean iTunes via AirPlay? I tried playing music through AirPlay on my 8802 and can control volume through the volume interface
  7. Looking for Bel Canto mono or stereo power amp - Ref 1000 , Ref 500, Ref 500S. Please let me know the age, condition and indicative price. Whatsapp only 9061 7651
  8. All Sold. Thanks a lot for your interest Focal JM lab Electra 926 They have been the workhorse for my system for long. Are in perfect working condition with some marks due to age. Collection only due to weight. Classic finish. Looking for $1000 Focal JM Lab Electra 900 An excellent center speaker. Classic finish. Looking for $500 Focal JM Lab chorus 706 Used as a surround speaker in my system. Excellent working condition. Classic finish. Looking for $250 Denon AVR 4308 Excellent working condition. Used well in a proper enclosure. Looking for $500 Or take th
  9. I had earlier version of Electra (926 actually). Very good build quality/no QC issue for a decade. Seems like they don't build it like that any more :( I recently shifted to B&W 803 diamonds. Still breaking in my speakers but love the sound. Heard 802 diamonds in the showroom and they are significantly ahead of 803 in my view. However, they are also 2x $$
  10. I have a 4308 and a 4000. The old 4308 gives me much more details than the new 4000 in my view.
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