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  1. 6 new Leslie Cheung SACD will be release on 25 March 2021. 01. 陪你倒數 02. “Untitled” 03. 大熱 04. Forever Leslie 05. Cross Over 06. 一切隨風 Dun think will OOP. 炒冷饭 again....
  2. nearly hit the skip ad button...but this rhythm quite additive!
  3. no ah. around 400+ for next year August 2021. I waiting for SQ promos around Jan/Feb 2021 for Aug
  4. pre-orler started. 5D go hoot many many copies. There is also another Akina Nakamori vinyl to be shipped at the same time! Take note that Akina will OOP faster than TT.
  5. lessservation starts 19 Novemember 2020 10am until 17 December 2020. (take note of time difference between Japan and Singapore) Judging from the tracks. Both are keepers. 5D hoard many many copies before OOP!!!! SSCH-008  [SIDE-A] 1. 在水一方(川の向こうに) 2. 甜蜜蜜(蜜のように甘く) 3. 你怎麼説(なんておっしゃるの) 4. 海韻(潮騒) 5. 我一見你就笑(私が見たら笑うのね) 6. 船歌(船歌) [SIDE-B] 1. 君在前哨(君は前線に) 2. 小城故事(小さな町の物語) 3. 梅花(梅の花) 4. Finale 5. 何日君再來(いつの日、君帰る) 6. 再見、我的愛人(グッドバイ・マイ・ラヴ) SSCH-009  [SIDE-A] 1. Opening Theme 2. 愛像一首歌(北極便) 3. 千言萬語 4. 我怎能離開你(離れられないあなた) 5. 路邊野花不要採(道傍の花を摘まない
  6. most of the folks either stay in Shenzhen or Mong Kok / Yau Ma Tei area.
  7. Yeap hopefully. There's a regular group from XP that somehow meets up during the show.
  8. mark the dates and get your wallets ready!!!! No need to kancheong this time. Should have stock.
  9. Dates are out again!!!! 5D take advantage of the cheap hotel rates and air tickets!!! Date: 06 to 08 August 2021 Venue: HKCEC
  10. HK Show officially postpone to 2021 liao. Hope to see all the familiar faces during the show in 2021.
  11. sudden surge for streaming of "Dreams" from Fleetwood Mac due to this TikTok beedio. 5D hoot before OOP! [embed=425,349] [/embed] Second Hand News (Remastered LP Version) [remastered] Dreams (2004 Remaster) Never Going Back Again (Remastered LP Version) [remastered] Don't Stop (2004 Remaster) [LP Version] Go Your Own Way Songbird (Remastered LP Version) [remastered] The Chain (2004 Remaster) You Make Loving Fun (Remastered LP Version) [remastered] I Don't Want To Know (2004 Remaster) Oh Daddy (2004 Remaster) Gold Dust Woman (2004 Remaster)
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