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  1. Hi Pete, which part of Perth, if I may ask? :)
  2. Is there another session coming up, pretty please? ;D
  3. Wow, haven't heard the phrase 'echoloft pow wow' for the longest time. Wonder how's Jason doing.
  4. Congratulations! So happy that we finally have an 'audio-cafe'. Can't recall if there was any before, but the most memorable one was the one by the late Joe Lee. Wishing you every success, and hope to drop by one day!
  5. Hardly used, bought about 3 years ago. Excellent condition. Asking for $200. Drop me a PM! http://sea.audio-technica.com/products/amplifiers/at-ha22tube
  6. Hey guys, Happy New Year! @AndrewC - about Option 2 - I'm still a bit confused. Would I need to enable DoP and install ASIO on the Windows side?
  7. Guys, thanks for the pointers! AndrewC, I have already tried option 1 and it works beautifully. That's why now I'd like to playback the DSD files that are stored in the external hard drive.
  8. Hey guys, Need some help, please. I'm trying to get my Yamaha net player (NP S303) to play DSD files that are stored in an external hard drive. So far all the resources that I have read, are referring to playback through a USB DAC. But what I really want is to playback with the net player. What would I need to do that? Current setup: Yamaha NPS303 connected to home network by wifi (I can use LAN, if necessary). DSD files are stored in an external hard drive, connected to a Win7 PC that is connected to the same network by wifi (I can also use LAN, if necessary).
  9. Just realized I have had my Dynaudio 1.3 clones for over 15 years now. Where has all the time gone??? ;D
  10. Thanks guys. Would love to drop by your place one day for a listen. Suakoo me has only seen an Oppo in action just once or twice.
  11. Thanks bro. Hmm.. what about those from Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo or Marantz?
  12. Need recommendation for an inexpensive bluray player that can also play CDs reasonably well. Or perhaps can add a DAC later? Budget about $500 for the bluray player. Not looking for critical audiophile level of listening. TIA! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Bros Dong & Dom, will be in Sg for awhile. Yup, quite a few nice stalls in Blk 29. Many of the originals are still around. Catch up one day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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