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  1. This is highly dependent on your current equipment. Are they good enough to show the difference? Are you fussy enough to appreciate the difference? Is the difference worth paying several times the price of the Z9X? These could only be answered by yourself. Frankly if you just want the RTD1619 Dolby Vision Engine functionalities, the Z9X would be enough. But if you already own a elaborate video system setup, then build quality matters and only the UHD3000 would do because you would want the better unit to match up. It's fortunate that I happen to have 2 iPhone shot
  2. Better Build quality. Better power supply. Better DAC chip. Can holds 2 HDD internally. Better remote control. USB input for DAC playback. XLR output. Z9X does almost everything the UHD3000 can do; it can achieve it at a very attractive price. (Audio)
  3. As far as I can see, your Marantz isn't connected to the same network as the mobile phone. (Audio)
  4. Just google, cut and paste. Take about 5-10 to solve the problem. Worth the time. (Audio)
  5. Then, no choice. Go google the chinese album. Do a cut and paste over the song titles from google to the mp3tag title field....one by one. That's what I have been doing all these years....one by one. (Audio)
  6. Have you tried using another player like JRiver to display the title. Chinese characters are funny, sometimes, it appears and sometimes, it's garbage. (Audio)
  7. I don't know if these are region locked or not. I only want to show what kind of Blu Ray drives Titactoh could consider. I have use DVDfab and never has it once ask me to change region. 🙂 (Audio)
  8. It says IMS in Singapore. Perhaps need to wait till end of this year. (Audio)
  9. The last time Denon did this was for the AVP-1AHD. It costs me less than HK$5K in HK and I estimate it to be around SGD$1K. Whatever it is, your model got upgrade, just be thankful and do it. (Audio)
  10. You can easily buy a USB Blu Ray drive snd connect to your Lenovo. No, the DVD cannot reach the Blu Ray PQ. This is the ripped file from the Blu Ray. (Audio)
  11. When you rip, you will not be using your players. You need to put the Blu Ray disc into your computer Blu Ray compatible drive and rip the disc. Just for you, I have playback your favourite movie on my LG OLED with the Zidoo Z9X in Dolby Vision. These pictures are taken directly from my OLED screen using iPhone and are unedited. Source is a ripped normal Blu Ray. (Audio)
  12. It is for this very reason why you should not spend money buying a premium player. (Audio)
  13. Item: Zidoo UHD 2000 4K Media Player Location: Singapore Price: $550 Item Condition: Good Working Condition Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, PayNow. Extra Info: Bought in China with Chinese Remote Control. Whatsapp 9684-0974 if you are interested. Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  14. Titactoh, You should have a main folder called "Titactoh Music". Inside this folder, you should allocate one folder for every artist, inside the artist folder, you put in the CD folders, one folder per CD, each CD folder holds the tracks file for that particular CD. To change the tags of a particular Shakira album, "Sale el Sol" CD, you go to right click the CD folder which open up a menu, select mp3tag as shown in the picture. Once you open up mp3tag, you select individual track to change the data or you Control-A to select all tracks and you can start the
  15. Your TV is LG OLED that is 4K, HDR and DV ready. You just need to pick up a 4K UHD Blu Ray player which are selling at $200+ to $300+ brand new. I donated my Sony X800 to a HK colleague last year, and sold my Panasonic and Samsung at Carousell at $220 and $120 respectively. (Audio)
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