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  1. Never mind whether I got it right or wrong. As long as in the end, you are happy. (Audio)
  2. How could I get it wrong? Didn't you said these (See above)? Onkyo is very old model - Nothing to do with Espressivo. You are being fussy. Yamaha CX-A5200 is not coming out of factory? Espressivo? Not what? Latest From Denon is RCA - All denon is RCA....only Maratz is XLR, you are so fussy. Marantz got new model not in Singapore....Another excuse not to get latest AV8805 and then complain there is no XLR processor for you. Zidoo is "merely a Media Player"? I am using Zidoo more than my Oppo 205. You insist that Zidoo must come
  3. This is the problem of a high-end Audiophile trying to get into HT. Want shiok shiok chili crab taste from plain steamed crab. (Audio)
  4. I also want simple steam crabs. I was doing 5.1...damn shiok....and but 7.1 is better. I stuck with 7.1 in HK...got excuse, cannot renovate rented apartment. Then I got back and do up my room. Singaporean sold me his Denon X8500H before CNY last year. So, now, no more excuse, do up all the channels. Now temporary mounted 7.1.6....and wow! Last night I played old movie Hunter Killer ....cannot tahan man! Of course, you can just do 5.1 and eat steam crab. Nobody will stop you. (Audio)
  5. Why in the world would you want to go "separates" when everyone is going for 13-channel Dolby Atmos? You are a seasoned Audiophile, you go "separates" you want to get power cords and interconnects for each of your 13 channels ah? I ran 7.1 is already like hell with all the expensive and messy cables. So, now I runs a 13-channel receiver....very shiok!! Just one power cord, no interconnects.....plus great 3-D sound!! (Audio)
  6. Item: Thick US-plug Power Cord (1.5-2.0 M) Location: Singapore Price: $20 each. (More than 10 at hand) Item Condition: Working 100%. Disclaimer: As these are "alternative" cables, these will be sold "as-is". There will be no warranty and no liability. Reason for selling: No longer using "alternative" cables. These are meant for people who want a better cable than the black stock power cord that comes with electrical appliance. Payment Method: Cash , Pay Now Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here): Please whatsa
  7. Item: Bel Canto M300 Monoblocks (Class D Power Amp, 300W Max) Location: Singapore Price: $1,000 for 1 pair Item Condition: Good working condition Reason for selling: Not using these anymore. Payment Method: Cash or Pay Now Extra Info: See here to read more:- https://positive-feedback.com/Issue26/belcanto_m300.htm Photos (you must include photographs here): Please whatsapp 9684-0974 if you are interested. (Audio)
  8. Item: Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphones Amplifier with DAC Location: Singapore Price: $750 (Paid $2K+ bought new , first owner) Item Condition: Mint working condition Reason for selling: Not using my Sennheiser HD800 headphones any more. Payment Method: Cash or Pay Now Extra Info: Will throw in Sennheiser Silver Cladded Balanced Headphone cord (CH800S) for HD800 headphones for $100 (Paid $300+ for this) Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines. Please whatsapp 9684-0974 if you
  9. One piece JL Audio Active Crossover CR-1 available in Singapore Made by JL Audio to integrate your Stereo Speaker Setup to your JL Audio subwoofer. Also suitable to other brands of subwoofer. Unit bought from Singapore Agent at $3K+ Letting go at $1.5K. I no longer use my subwoofer with my stereo setup. Whatsapp me at 9684-0974 if you are interested. For system that is connected to Home Theater system, you must manually switch to LFE mode as this unit do not integrate with AVR. (Audio)
  10. I sincerely hope you are not using the phono input of your pre-amp. (Audio)
  11. You already got a Pre-amp connected to your DAC....then what is the issue?????? Also, CDP would sound best when the attenuator is turned to the max. (Audio)
  12. 1) Cables matter Absolutely Yes. 2) Amplifier headroom matters Absolutely Yes for equal-performance amplifiers with different power ratings.......we also got high power amplifiers with plenty of headroom but with lousy sound. 3) CD is more musical than streaming At one time, yes but now, streaming have taken over. 4) Power supplies are equal in importance to amplifier circuits Everything in the amplifier is important....the circuit board, the cables, the terminals, circuit board placement, the casing...... 5) Performance above 20kHz matters Absol
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