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  1. Item: PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Traps (2 pieces) Location: Singapore Price: $6,600 Item Condition: About one month old. Reason for selling: Too effective, no room inside man cave room Payment Method: Extra Info: Very effective but I hardly got room for these beauties. Totally brand new with a tiny crack at one of the fuse holder. Paid $7,400 just a month ago. Whatsapp 9684-0974 if interested. Photos (you must include photographs here):
  2. Item: 3 X Bel Canto Ref1000M and 2 X Bel Canto M300 Monoblocks Location: Singapore Price: $4000 for all 5 monoblocks. (3 X 1000W) (2 X 300W) Item Condition: All in excellent working condition. Reason for selling: Used in 5.1 system with Audio Processor. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here): These are used in my previous home theatre setup with my sound processor. (Denon AVP-A1HD and Marantz 8820A). All 5 monoblocks look alike from the front. All units comes with original boxes. Will ac
  3. OMG....wonderful and fantastic!! Great PQ and SQ.....unbelievable! They are holding back the 4K UHD Blu Ray release but it looks wonderful on 4K streaming. I will sleep well tonight. :) (Audio)
  4. I got one piece HDVD800 Headphone Amp for sales. Most suitable for Sennheiser HD800 Headphone owners. I will throw in Sennheiser silver cable for CH800S (optional Balanced cable for HD800 and HD800S headphone) US$299 value. Perfect for youtr HD800/s hedapohone to be used ofr this amp that was deisgned for the HD800 headphones. All for $1,100. Whatsapp me 9684-0974 if you are interested. (Audio)
  5. Sold. Thanks for your interests. (Audio)
  6. I enquired about it and HP forward me to Addon System which is getting one piece in for me. I was using the Radeon VII but one of the AMD update killed the card. I have switch back to my old nVidia 1080 Titan....waiting for the RTX 30X0 and AMD "Big NAVI" situation to settle..... (Audio)
  7. Also booked my HP Reverb G2 ..... it's coming soon. I am assuming it will be supported by Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. (Audio)
  8. Avalon entry model, Indra Diamond. (Audio)
  9. Avalon speakers has long waiting time, long queue, production cannot meet demands. I know because I just got mine after many months. (Audio)
  10. I had adjusted my setup as I see it on HDR prior to the HD Fury. We are cheating, tricking, the source that we got a DV enabled projector so, the co-related colour values of DV and the corresponding HDR are at best, agar agar. Now that HD Fury managed to trigger DV and had deepen the colors, it is time to tone down the saturation. You can calibrate all your like. Ultimately, you will move out of your calibration with some trimming. Furthermore, your sources aren't calibrated. (Audio)
  11. Yes, the first one (top) is DV and the second one (bottom) is the HDR. The DV colour is richer, it seems to "pop", seems to have lesser noise and entire picture has less grains. (Audio)
  12. I just managed to fire up my HD Fury and spend some time finding out the differences and what DV can bring to the display. These pictures are taken with a SONY camera directly from the projection screen and are edited for picture size only. No calibrations, no adjustments...just play one set with LLDV and and the other HDR-10. I hope these pictures would be of use. (Audio)
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