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  1. Guys, Any idea if there's going to be either a 3-episode prequel box set or a 6-episode set? And if so, any idea when? Just wondering if I should spring for one episode if they're going to release a box soon. Frankly I was about to buy the Star Wars Ep 4-6 boxed set but decided to wait and see. I'm still fantasising that because with each release George Lucas seems to have itchy fingers, on the next box set release maybe... MAYBE... he just might make Han Solo shoot first. Ya, most you guys will know what I mean ;)
  2. Good day all, Does anyone have this series? I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere. Blue Max - where I used to go for all my BBC type programs - don't know a thing about it. Would appreciate having some thoughts on the series if anyone's watched it. As a dinosaur enthusiast I would rather have had a more documentary like feel to it, rather than the fantasy adventure that seems to be the differentiating factor of this particular series. Would have been good to continue along the previous style of 'pure' documentary looking at new dinosaurs like Giganotosaurus without the non-ser
  3. <Not all region 1 DVD is uncensored.> Man... that sux! Now i know why people are being very specific about the actual regions that they buy! Thanks a lot for those URLs... I never even dreamt that such comparison sites existed! Looks like most times I may want to look at Amazon.com or dvdcompare.net, rather than be too excited by everything I see with an "imported" label. Ah well... at least my LOTR Extended Trilogy set arrived safely after just two weeks, checked by customs, no defects and mishandling, and without GST added on. Hmmm... I wonder how that works? In Austral
  4. Oh I definitely feel that and am benefitting from it! Hopefully in a year or two I'll be one of these friendly people dispensing the advice! And yes, Fireclone, you're absolutely right. There is lever that serves to lock the TV in flipup position as I just found out, so it was lucky for me. Still, because of the way the cables go into the hole, drop behind the hardwood wall, and then have to be fish out and up into another hole of the supporting ledge for my peripherals, the cables have to be long. Thank goodness I listened to pp here and got those 1.5m component cables made, and not wast
  5. No details on the cover but according to my DVD-ROM which won't play it, it says Region 3. Are you saying that there is no booklet for Region 3 boxed sets for Simpsons? Also, where do you get the Region 1 boxed set then? IS it safe to say that as long as a DVD says Region 1, you get everything you're supposed to get... without censorship? Thanks
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who wants to watch a movie in its entirety, the way it was intended to be. I don't like the idea that someone more highly evolved and who has 'higher moral values' than me decides for me what I can or can't watch. Consequently I don't buy anything that has been censored. So here's my query: 1. Are all DVDs rated region 1 mean the movie's there in its entirety, being an imported DVD? Or is there a possibility that it too has been through the censorship's moral scissors? 2. Is there anywhere I can access a list of DVDs which have been either cens
  7. Guys, I'm wondering if any one bought the 4th Season of the Simpsons. When you fold the whole box out, there is a sort of flap on the extreme left panel. Is there supposed to be anything there? I have not owned any Simpsons boxed sets before, but all my other boxed sets (e.g. ST: TNG) have some sort of index, photo art, etc. I noticed that there is absolutely zero info on the discs itself, and suspect that there is supposed to be some sort of index card in that flap. Otherwise i'm left to load each disc and look through the menus to know which episode is where. Incidentally, I
  8. Apologies. I thought that because the focus of my query was not on the TV or the mounting itself, but rather on considerations for peripherals to consider and cables to connect before I mounted the TV, it would belong here.
  9. At last! I thought this was a dead thread of no interest whatsoever! :-) Thanks a lot for your advice. It came in real handy. Had forgotten about 'ordinary' broadcasts and my PC! That's what I get for being too immersed in all the excitement over DVD watching. Will act accordingly, thanks again!
  10. Hello all, I am going to change my set up from a pedestal mounted plasma TV to a wall mounted one (Panasonic TH42PA30). The TV is to go onto a hardwood wall feature, into which a hole will be drilled in order to pass cables through before the final mounting. At the moment I've got the component cables going to the DVDR, as well as the usual audio cables. I have a couple of questions: 1. Since the TV weighs almost 50 kilos, I obviously want to make sure I drop all my cables through that hole before mounting it, and before the Panasonic installers leave. The cables I have connect
  11. Good day, I have been wondering about those black or grey bars they have on plasmas to block out excess screen space when watching a TV program in 4:3 mode. There is always a caveat in instruction manuals saying that burn in is not a manufacturing fault and therefore cannot be claimed on. My question is: say I'm watching a Star Trek full screen mode DVD, or anything else. How long is it safe to watch 4:3 mode for? Is there x minutes/ hrs before which you should give the TV a break by switching modes? Also, has there been any TV therefore, that takes the (what to me anyway) obv
  12. Oh thanks I know about region-coding. Just didn't know if that was what was meant here, or if you meant release, since I assumed each release would have different features, and didn't associate different region coding having different features. Nor did it ever cross my mind that there are people who'd actually buy from different regions just to access certain features! Thought it was just all in the geographic playability.
  13. Sorry I'm a little lost. What's do you mean by R1, R2, etc? Region? Release?
  14. Yup Norman, that's exactly it! As for the T1, T2, etc I kind of think now that it probably means Track 1, Track 2, and so on. But it isn't consistent with each DVD. Probably have to call Panasonic to find out about that eventually. Appreciate any help here. Thanks once again.
  15. My thanks really goes out to everybody who took the time to give me advice. I finally went with the LHS suggestions and had my cables made up. Very happy with the performance when I put in my I, Robot DVD. I must say that Robert's attitude is incredible! I'd never have expected it from these non-corporate places. Even without juxtaposing it with the lousy attitudes of some of these SLS bums and louts. Am gonna get the rest of my stuff from him when I set up the rest of the systems. Once again many thanks!
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