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  1. The Fox channels are leaving StarHub on 9 March because of Disney+. Hope SingTel TV is not affected. https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-fox-channels-leaving-starhub-tv?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  2. The light show at the end of the Disney+ launch celebration at Marina Bay was very nice. Must have cost a bomb to execute.
  3. Hooted the annual subscription. Buy 10 months get another 2 months free. Not bad deal. Half the price of Netflix's subscription. But logging in is very irritating. Got to key in the PIN every time because they lock the entire profile which can access R21 contents while Netflix locks only the R21 contents with a PIN.
  4. I think currently the hardware available for 4K streaming is readily available. Android boxes have no problem streaming 4K programs while sites like Netflix can stream 4K programs without any lag or buffering. To stream SingTel's 4K, we would have to swap the normal set top box to a 4K set top box at a higher monthly rental rate though. The problem is currently they don't have any proper 4K channels to make the switchover worthwhile.
  5. Watching CCTV’s CNY Show on CCTV 4K on my Android box. Both SingTel TV and StarHub’s CCTV 4 channel are in worse than SD quality.
  6. For a start, you can watch certain live Premier League matches in 4K and Love Nature 4K On Demand. Any takers? https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/tv/dvr https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/tv/dvr/gen3
  7. No other new boxes in the market. The only new one available is UBox 8 but it is too expensive and has the same live TV and VOD selections as the older models. So not worth getting at all.
  8. So how do you find the live TV quality? Is it better than your Geek box? Any problem get the voice control functions to work?
  9. So am I. I have both EVPad 5P and SVI Cloud 3Pro but I tend to use the SVI Cloud more.
  10. It seems that there are 2 versions of 5P.... 5P-566 and 5P-600. 5P-566 does not have sports channels in Jupiter Live and needs to download and install another app called Live Sports to watch sports channels... hence the 2 servers? Maybe the 5P Pro you are talking about is this 5P-566. Apart from that, both models are exactly the same according to EVPad in the comments section of this YouTube version. So I don't think that it is more advantageous to buy the 5P Pro instead especially if it costs more.
  11. Still cheaper than on Qoo10. Hope it is a local warranty set.
  12. Don't get Gen 3 anymore. Mars has no 4K contents and there are always complaints of disruption in services for both live TV and VOD. It's like they are trying to push users to upgrade to the Gn 5 series.
  13. SG Phone is keeping a low profile nowadays. They don’t conspicuously display their Android boxes like last time and they don’t have the latest models also. You should look for SVI Cloud 3Pro to try at SLS too.
  14. EVPad 5P got not Pro version leh. I think you meant 5 Max. 5P do have Sports channels, all 110 channels to be precise though not all might be working at any one time. So if 5 Max don’t have, better don’t get it.
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