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  1. To me, the order of significance difference goes like this: No.1 - speakers - Tonal character and can sound vastly different No. 2 - Preamp and Power Amp Synergy - Why I say so? I heard lousy pre with very good Poweramp...not good I also heard good pre with lousy Poweramp ....not good If you can get the correct combo for both pre and power......the results can be many folds rewarding. I heard a Mcintosh pre and a very high power Mcintosh Power (600w per channel, stereo poweramp).......It made the Nautilus sings and drums so amazingly clear, crisp and clean. Both p
  2. I use an old mac preamp with remote and a mac high power stereo power amp and modded DVD flagship pioneer by James and full range xrt speakers. I was playing tubes for the past 8 years..... am amazed how transistors can sound like that. Honestly, I advise you to play Mcintosh pre & power, they are very "polite and refined" but when pushed hard you will be surprised how much power it has and never sound hard unlike some other mammoth power amp I heard and own.... the soundstage just blossomed and music is just so effortless and natural and musical, no fatigue to my ears. Pre Powe
  3. I was playing the Cd Dream of an Opera which I bought from New Disc Village and the gu zheng sounded very real. When the wind instruments played, i am surprised how transistor can sound like that. Nil Loftgren track 5 sounded realife and every strum can be heard at almost full octave. I am into buying more CDs to enjoy. Haave a good day everyone.
  4. Hi McIntosh owners, do post your setup here and start discussing. Thanks and have a nice day. I own a Mcintosh full setup and must say that it has stopped me for quite a while from changing equipments like what I did previously although I will still upgraded in the future when $$ permits. The sound.......Musical, warm, detailed, lush huge soundstage and very lifelike as I can hear separation of instruments very clearly, every brush, breathing comes very real. Btw I own the xrt speakers, Mac amp, Mac pre amp and cd player. Do share your experience. Thanks.
  5. Hi bro, I am upgrading to a full range McIntosh speakers, I am a McIntosh lover,
  6. Wharfedale 28inch speaker stand one pair, spikes adjustable for uneven flooring Bought for 2 months very new my lost your gain sell $100 only 6SL7 Sylvania VT229 (military version) $50 per piece (2 pieces) 6SL7 GE $30 per piece (1 piece) 6SL7 RCA $30 per piece (1 piece) 6SL7 Sylvania $40 per piece (1 piece) 5751 & 6DJ8 GE 5751 5 Stars GE $50 per piece (2 pieces) Amperex Bugleboy 6DJ8 White label $50 (1 piece) SMS 91721617
  7. Diva Blue Sky Signature Latest Version (Signature Version) Selling at $1800 new was $2800 Nuforce Reference 8 Monoblock Power Amps Extremely powerful and refined in sound $1050 only, new $2500 Both items in tip condition. SMS 91271617
  8. Hi wwyjoe, may i know how much is it new? Thanks and have a good day.
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