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  1. Yeah, I wanted to buy an A400 back then. I think I was in Poly back then. Went to Sim Lim to buy it and the salesperson there persuaded me to buy the Creek 4040 instead. Asked me to listen to the 2 amps to compare and I was totally convinced. On hindsight, that was a good decision. The Creek was a beautifully crafted and gorgeous sounding amp. Lasted me for a very long time.
  2. Yup, then probably it was Sherwood. I remember it was gold and brown, had fixed power cord and speaker terminals were those spring loaded ones to fit in bare wire.
  3. Enjoy! This is one of the very best Nat King Cole recordings I have. The sonics will blow your mind! Listen to Rambling Rose, it sounds like the whole crew is live in your room!
  4. Nope, only the Tribute to Ella one. I was so unimpressed with that one I didn't bother with the rest. Also it had a very "Made in China" kind of feel. Anyway, Elusive Disc featured it quite heavily at one time in their newsletters. I remember now that's where I saw it.
  5. Wow, an 18 year old thread! My first was in secondary school, some 30+ years ago. It was an old beat up integrated amp I think was Sherwood or something like that, my uncle gave it to me if I'm not mistaken. I hooked it up to an old cassette player and some small little speakers. Had no knowledge of hifi back then, so I basically just hooked up many small speakers I'd salvaged from various places all together in parallel, and that became my hifi for many years until my first foray into real hifi when I went into Polytechnic. I actually took up Electronics in Poly because of my buddin
  6. Just received from Amazon, going to enjoy them this weekend! Question: Is it Tone Poet series if there's no Tone Poet sticker?
  7. Been around for some time, and sold by Elusive Disc so I'm surprised you never heard of it. I have the Tribute to Ella one. To me SQ so-so only, not as good as Analogue Productions or Tone Poet.
  8. How come so many people are buying the Diana Krall Turn Up the Quiet? Is it a new version? I have that since launch but haven't really listened to it yet.
  9. Nice! Very good price too! Please let me know the SQ for Ella. Thinking of getting that too.
  10. Same here. I put it in my watch list but still undecided because I already have 2 versions of the album. Then it sold out and decided it for me.
  11. There were very few vinyls on offer. Very disappointing. Only 2 that caught my eye - this one and Def Leppard Hysteria at $30+.
  12. Looks like it's time to buy up 200g vinyl. 🤔
  13. Just snagged this at AU$33. Amazon US Prime lightning deal. Lee Morgan The Cooker
  14. I only have the recent re-issue single disc that was pressed in EU, and it already sounds very good. I remember I used to have the Simply Vinyl version back when I was in Singapore, but can't seem to find it. Some lucky fella must have bought it from me very cheap when I was rushing to move. That one would have sounded much better.
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