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  1. Some vinyl from Amazon US. Pleasantly surprised by the Damien Rice one, it's an old title I know but it's 45RPM and SQ is amazing. (and I just know Mariah is gonna disappoint me again)
  2. Sadly, after shopping at Amazon for 22 years this is the first time I have to return any item for defects. The Mariah Carey Daydream and Music Box are going back, the vinyl was scuffed and got ticking sound when playing. The vinyl surface was also full of scratches. I think it was bad handling at the factory. Was probably due to the inner sleeve also, the material of that paper is quite bad and clings to the vinyl, so any large dirt particles inside would scratch the surface. Even the Emotions was bad, it came warped in a bowl shape. Decided to close 1 eye on that one a
  3. Well, it's Kylie. If it's anything like her previous foray into disco (Fever), then I think I'll love it.
  4. Another el cheapo buy for me, probably pricing error by Amazon AU. Just $10.
  5. Cool! Got it in my Amazon cart, just waiting for them to have stock.
  6. haha, quickly grab! That's a good price. From previous experience, I know here a lot of lurkers. Once a good bargain is posted, usually it disappears very quickly.
  7. Because it's supposed to be limited quantities, so sometime retailers buy with an eye for higher markup. Like the Mofi 1-Step series, the original few like Santana price shot up to $1k++ easily. Even the Simon and Garfunkel one is going for >$500 now. And also because it's not mass-distributed. I think only a handful of distributors have it.
  8. It's retailing at US$125 at Elusive Disc, so I guess in SG should be around $250?
  9. Just bought from Amazon. Damn nice live album, oozes quality throughout with beautiful album art, pictures sleeves in nice thick paper and even a book showcasing pictures from the concert. Comes in 4 discs and very good sound quality. Please take note Mariah, this is how you do a celebration LP.
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