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  1. Well, it's Kylie. If it's anything like her previous foray into disco (Fever), then I think I'll love it.
  2. Another el cheapo buy for me, probably pricing error by Amazon AU. Just $10.
  3. Cool! Got it in my Amazon cart, just waiting for them to have stock.
  4. haha, quickly grab! That's a good price. From previous experience, I know here a lot of lurkers. Once a good bargain is posted, usually it disappears very quickly.
  5. Because it's supposed to be limited quantities, so sometime retailers buy with an eye for higher markup. Like the Mofi 1-Step series, the original few like Santana price shot up to $1k++ easily. Even the Simon and Garfunkel one is going for >$500 now. And also because it's not mass-distributed. I think only a handful of distributors have it.
  6. It's retailing at US$125 at Elusive Disc, so I guess in SG should be around $250?
  7. Just bought from Amazon. Damn nice live album, oozes quality throughout with beautiful album art, pictures sleeves in nice thick paper and even a book showcasing pictures from the concert. Comes in 4 discs and very good sound quality. Please take note Mariah, this is how you do a celebration LP.
  8. Yes most likely. Was the download hi-res or just MP3? Could also be that your digital gear is better than your analog gear?
  9. Been busy moving house these past 2 weeks, so never buy any vinyl. But this vinyl which was on back order for months on Amazon suddenly shipped to me, lucky I still have keys to my old house.
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