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  1. 1) JVC N7 $8xxx.00 normal $11,999 2) KK DXD 1000 $4xxx.00 normal $5999 3) Audiocontrol X7 $8xxx.00 normal $11,999 4) AudioControl Savoy 7ch $3xxx.00 normal $6999 5) AudioCobtrol Avalon 4ch $2xxx.00 normal $3999 Brand New with 2 years local Warranty. Tradein subject to stock and our acceptance. WA@ 96387418 for detail
  2. Here i posted some basic on how BM and multi sub hardware needed. As to whether you set your front to small/ large , it all depend on how the given Mfr implement on their brand , but normal case you can do 1) large with Sub 2) large without sub 3) Small ( is alway sub enable ) 4) you can also set few profile and select as you need. 5) higher end model beside can select large / small it can also set roll off point / slop / delay , this are more advance user setting 6) even after the auto calibration , user can still do the house curve as they need , but all
  3. If the Question is Dirac with Bass control the Answer is YES. Bass control add on in Dirac is more for multiple sub . one sub is only using the 7.1 ( sub out ) that nothing do with BM ( using the balance output you hv on a 16 channel asign to bass output and control more sub ).
  4. As long HDMI working with adaptor and remote control , what model you hv ? can collect 5-10p today .
  5. If you are looking for a one box with HDD tray build in ( NAS ) with auto cooling , auto hdd power down , DV support , DTSx , Atmos and multiroom support , automatic movie poster upload online, music player and Artwork seach , all in one ...... https://www.zidoo.tv/Product/index/model/Z1000+PRO/target/1ZYVZZ4zGQhKKmVViAFMcQ%3D%3D.html Here you go ( limited set , FCFS ) Bring in your player + Adpator + remote and Only pay $500 to upgrade to the Z1000pro ( $750 Retail ) with one year local warranty . if you have higher price model like A500 , zappiti , Dume or
  6. Offer will be close by 5pm on 5 March for all those we have quoted and we no longer take in any further order . Thanks for your support
  7. Just installed. IMG_0852.MOV IMG_0855.MOV
  8. Sorry , tradein is only for local and local warranty only.
  9. SOLD. As viewer decide to get JVC , up for sales again . used a year and with invoice and warranty . Traded in set , will pass you invoice for warranty . WA@96387418 IMG_0782.MOV
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