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  1. to add on... the commentators in Channel 5 cant be compared to the ESPN guys.. they just cant bring out the atmosphere.. :(
  2. basically anything except golf.. so long as I have the time and can get to play can liao..jus like kids mentality.. :P jack of most trades but master of non... ;D Hey alamak and siriously cold, looks like we can play basketball / squash/ badminton in the west liao! ;D How about sports climbing and jogging? anyone? ;D tew
  3. Visit the guys in the forum (those mentioned earlier and many more.. ) and they can really give you good advices ;D ( thank you guys!! ;D) before you start your reno.. so you have an idea what to do.. if you need curtains let me know.. I can pass you my contact.. cheap and good! ;D our only contribution to this forum ;D tew
  4. Ya ;D you can design on you own.. you know how you want your room to be while Jag can provide you the technical side.. ;D ;D but if you seriously wanbt one.. I came across one in Sime Darby Building in Bukit Timah Road.. 3rd level I think.. cannot remember the shop name but looked quite classy.. tew
  5. Could only advise you to read up on the thread http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=27134.msg176367#msg176367 and do some home visit for advice. That what we did and the brothers here are offer a lot of great advice to us ;D Will be good if you have something in mind as well :) tew
  6. HAHAHA!!!Now we are qualified to classify our 20-39 as a Jag Calibrated Sub!!! ;D THANKS SO MUCH brother!!! You revived our sub!!! hehehee... THANKS!!! hehehe... By the way, could you email us the graphs etc... Or post it here? hehehe... when u free lah... ;) thanks thanks... ;D tew & pst
  7. after reading... hmmm.. temptation strikes again.. ;D but must put on hold.. all money throw into wedding liao.. :P thanks to kisscut for helping me to secure the SR 8200 ;D have IM you tew
  8. haha.. actually I also dun really like that idea :P shh.. dun tell her.. :-X :-X
  9. yes! a very BIG THANK YOU to our brothers here!! ;D All the house visitings and advices given has been very valuable and put into good use (like calling the designer the night before the platform is to be put up!! :P) As for the acoustic treatment and the fixed screen... sure is tempting... ;D but that have to wait lah... :P Brothers who are thinking of getting the curtains, don't wait! its really good deal! ;D tew
  10. Beautiful setup etanel! ;D Love the false ceilings! ;D hmmm.. time to get my camera.. ;) tew
  11. Can we tag along as well to listen the twin cubes? ;D tew
  12. Yap mine too! Wide screen! ;D haiz..am still waiting for my curtains to be up by the end of next week! then I can jaggify my system! ;D tew
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