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  1. From UK with love....Chord coaxial & QED XT silver anniversary with airloc bananas...
  2. My older cousin was from Akai midi system to separates Harman Kardon amp & cdp with big 3-way Celestion bookshelves which, to me, was really hifi sounding... Akai was another popular brand back then...
  3. Love me brand aka Aiwa was also quite hot back then...
  4. Year 2000... Rotel RC/RB 970BX pre/pwr combo with Celestion 5 spks...
  5. Quoted a comment from the shared thread: "Most times I would rather buy from an authorised dealer/agent for products that may require after-sales service. I pay a premium but I get peace of mind, like insurance. I would buy parallel imports if the prices are significantly lower and chance of needing aftersales service is low. Both PIs and distributors have a role in the market. The trouble with some distributors agent is that their markups are much higher than fair while service levels are average. In such cases, either I don't buy or import directly."
  6. May not be totally related, nevertheless, a good read from 2010...
  7. Sound reasonable to ship 2 sacks of 10kg rice at $5/kg....😄...and it arrived safely
  8. Hi, I saw this on lazada recently and the price seems pretty attractive....going at $760 from $1600. Any end-user experience to share on this cd transport, the likes or dislikes? It is sold by B&W @ Funan Mall
  9. shipping cost should be high since the amp looks heavy...
  10. Local source for the hudson's... https://carousell.com/p/1042451277... fyi bro@zephyr11
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