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  1. Hi all, Selling the following LPs. The Discogs link indicates the actual version that I am selling. Vinyls are in excellent condition. 1. Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing (Classic Records pressing) - $100 https://www.discogs.com/Sarah-McLachlan-Surfacing/release/2322012 2. Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong (ORG pressing) - $60 https://www.discogs.com/Sarah-McLachlan-Wintersong/release/2369305 3. Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin (Lost Highway) - $22 https://www.discogs.com/Shelby-Lynne-Just-A-Little-Lovin/release/1840657 As I seldom check PM here, please whatsapp me at 9068
  2. It's been a while since I logged into XP! Thanks bro Chowbotak for sharing the music! And to everyone who has checked the music out, I am truly humbled. The EP is also out on Spotify and Apple Music now, if you are using that platform. Thank you for the support!
  3. You can consider buying a cheaper, smaller DAP like the Onkyo DP-S1, and get a Chord Mojo - if an additional device is an option.
  4. Most modern DAPs can read metadata from WAV nowadays
  5. I took almost 6 months bro. Almost gave up. It's all about speaker placement.
  6. The only place you can find this is Ebay. Even in Tokyo, hard to find, and even if can find, not cheap.
  7. Get a small form factor headless PC. I've been using my Mac Mini. And with VPN, you can hop to different Netflix sites across the world.
  8. Bro, have you listened to the new Insomnium? Masterpiece bro!
  9. IMHO, the quest for the the right pair of speaker is a journey. Chances are that you'll buy and try quite a few before you actually land on something that you truly love. So audition as much as you can, look for used to minimise your depreciation, and enjoy the journey. In the span of 10 years, I think I changed almost 6 pairs of speakers. Finally after owning a pair of SHL-5, I am truly happy :)
  10. Switched to VQ about 1 year ago. No issues, no regrets, no turning back.
  11. I'll wait for more reviews first and see how it goes :)
  12. The Poly looks really good. Might finally take the dive
  13. 1. alvin1118 - NA x 5 sets, HA x 2 sets 2. Chai - HA x 4pcs $85 3. tane0019 - NA x 4 sets 4. whoizzit2 - HA x 2 sets 5. kfliaowa Allen - HA x 8pcs $170 6. Richard Foo - HA x 1 set 7. watchdog - NA x 1 set, HA x 1 set 8. Xollub - NA x 4pcs, HA x 4pcs 9. Funkyjazz- HA x 7pcs 10. kimurastanley - NA x 2 sets HA x 2 sets 11. yanwei- HA x 0 sets 12. adn6244 - NA x 4 sets HA x 2 set 13. Scorpio16828 - NA x 4 sets 14. gerlim NA X 4 sets 15. mengmre NA X 8pcs 16. FGreen _ HA x 1 set 17. Larry - HA x 1 set 18. wongkahkui- NA x 1 set 19. mylica NA x 2 set 20. jonchew
  14. Wow that Taobao Ultrasonic cleaner looks affordable! I'm wondering if got any chance for MO?
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