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  1. I have used Pass pre and power with SF speakers for quite some time and the pairing between Pass and SF should not be any issue. Since you are using Oly 3 which is a floorstander, i would suggest using a higher powered Pass INT 60 or INT 250. However, I feel in terms of sound the INT25 may be better in sound but may not have enough power to drive your Oly 3. As for Pass amps, they are very reliable with 3 yrs warranty. Passlabs technical support has been very good and I dont think you will have any issues with repairs from HER. I have written a few times to Pass asking them for their advi
  2. This just arrived from Amazon after more than a month.
  3. Please share with us your experience with your new speakers.
  4. This just arrived from Amazon over the weekend.
  5. The rack and amp stands are very well made from the pictures. The amp stands are available for all 3 power amps, Essence, Antileon Evo and Mephisto due to the different size. It ranges from Euro 2900 for the Essence Amp Stand to Euro 8900 for the rack. Not sure the price include the tax or not.
  6. How about this : https://av1group.com.sg/collections/marantz/products/marantz-sacd-30-n-network-sacd-player I am using Marantz SA10 so I am biased 🙂
  7. Saw this very nice LP at HER if anyone interested. I bought this a while ago.
  8. If you cannot get in Aussie, you can order online: https://www.analogueseduction.net/record-cleaning-fluid-rinse/CA-AC048-100[1].html In Singapore, where I bought the solution, it is already premixed.
  9. I am using this. Not sure whether it is the machine or the solution that is removing the static permanently.
  10. After you have done zapping with the Zerostat, is the static removal permanent? Previously I was using Nagaoka anti static gun, the static removal is only temporary. Whenever i put the record back to its original sleeve and take it out again, the static is back. However, after I cleaned using my record cleaner with the supplied cleaning solution, the static removal is permanent.
  11. Excellent album musically and sonically.
  12. Ktema and Accordo is Franco Serblin. Serblin & Son is different company. The very early SF amplifiers are made by this company during early days.
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