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  1. You can also consider Pass INT25 or 250. which is supposed to work well with Sonus Faber speakers. Gryphon Diablo 120 and if you can stretch your budget, Diablo 300.
  2. And if you are using SME V arm which comes with the damping trough, do experiment by using the damping fluid. In my setup, the sound improvement is obvious when I use it. You can adjust the different levels of damping and even cancelled it if you don't like the sound with the damper.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Any tips to ensure that the SME 30/12A can perform at its optinum? Good suggestions Kenneth. And also remember to change the drive belt once every few years if the led on the motor unit cannot lock-on to the speed after repeated adjustment using the strobo disc.
  4. Great to have you Joe contributing to the SME post knowing that you are highly experienced in setting up turntable and cartridges for many analog users here. Perhaps you can provide some tips and advice to us fellow SME users on how we can maximise the performance of our SME turntable.
  5. Until the arrival of the Model 6, SME’s most affordable deck was the Model 12A, which currently costs £8550 ($11,900, AU$16,700), including the lovely 309 tonearm. The 12A also forms the basis of the excellent Synergy package, which includes an SME IV tonearm, Ortofon MC Windfield Ti cartridge and Nagra-based phono stage, for £15,950 ($22,995, AU$29,000), that we reviewed around a year ago. It’s a superb way to play records, but no matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of money. Verdict It would have been easy for SME to make a compromised facsimile of a current product in a
  6. The SME Synergy comprises a compact new motor unit based on the Model 15, with a special tonearm that closely resembles a Series IV. This comes pre-fitted with an Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti moving-coil cartridge, and there's a bespoke integrated phono stage by Nagra, with all the wiring by Crystal Cable. https://www.hifichoice.com/content/sme-synergy
  7. I did not recall there is a thread for SME discussion. Lets start it here.
  8. Thanks. I may consider the original Standart Amp Stand. Looks well designed and hopefully helps to improve the sound.
  9. Thanks Cash. Certainly a good buy but unfortunately it is not big enough for the amp.
  10. Which amp stand are you using? I am now placing it on the ground but will most likely be getting a amp stand for it.
  11. The only problem with this amp is the size and the weight. Need at least 2 person just to move it. Because of its size, a standard size amp stand is too small for it.
  12. Thank you for your feedback. I will most probably go for the Elac as the footprint is almost the same as my bookshelf speakers.
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