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  1. I have always owned only one TT, partly due to space constraints and also due to budget. With only one TT, I can spend my limited resources on it and optimised it. The limitations is that it will not suit all LPs of different thickness easily and that it is not easy to swop cartridge for different type of flavour. If I have unlimited resources and space, i wouldn't mind to have a 2nd TT.
  2. High End Research (HER) at Concorde Shopping Center still got a few copies when I was there. The recording and mastering for this album is excellent, worth getting it.
  3. Finally problem is solved. I have to uninstall and reinstall the Disney plus app in Chromecast.
  4. I just subscribed to Disney + and streaming it via Google Chromecast 4 connected to my Denon AVX3700H. I am getting stereo sound signal from the Google Chromecast for Disney +. However on Netflix and Amazon Prime, I am getting 5.1 surround sound signal. Are there any settings for Disney Plus to get 5.1 surround sound on Google Chromecast?
  5. Just bought this double LP. Demo quality sound..
  6. Bought the following Studio Ghibili LPs from HER last Saturday- Ponyo and The Wind Rises.
  7. You can also subscribe to Spotify. From your Samsung phone, you can stream spotify from NA11 with the control from your Samsung phone spotify app. Its very easy. Give it a try.
  8. Yes, you can control with the NA11 remote. You can also download the Marantz Remote App to you android phone and its easier to control from there.
  9. I use 256gb thumb drive to store my music which I copied from my NAS. High speed USB 3.1 - 256 gb thumbdrive is now very cheap and you can easily order it from Amazon Singapore. https://www.amazon.sg/s?k=256gb+thumb+drive&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 Take note to order only popular brands such as PNY, Sandisk, Samsung, Lexar, Kingston as there are also fake thumbdrives in the market especially those that are marketed as 1Tb and 512 gb with very low price.
  10. I am also using NA11S1. If I remember correctly, you cannot connect an external HDD directly to the NA11S1. You can only use thumb drive in the USB port in front of NA11S1. So a easier way is to get a big capacity thumb drive and copy your music to the thumb drive after ripping.
  11. I just checked my X3700H, there is no tuner antenna although there is a Tuner button on the remote. With HEOs app, I can stream local radio channel.
  12. After deliberating for sometime on which cartridge to use on my SME 30/12, I decided on the Ortofon Anna Diamond (with diamond cantilever) replacing the Clearaudio Titanium V2 which I have used for a few years. I have been very happy with the Titanium V2 but as my friend told me, we all need a change of flavour/taste. Philip from High End Research whom I bought the Anna D came over to install the cartridge last week and so far the Anna D has impressed me with the sound. It is still less than 10 hrs and the sound so far is very refined, fast and dynamic with very airy mids/high
  13. I will add Passlabs in the list as I have heard the Accordo in the local dealer showroom driven effectively by a pair of Pass monos. I do agree with blue starfish that a good external phono amp will improve the sound with any of the amps indicated.
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