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  1. Klipsch heresy iv, 3 months old, from local dealer, with boxes. Walnut finish, almost brand new condition. SOLD Holo Spring Level 3 R2R DAC (Version 1), very Good condition, $2000reduced to $1800 Cary Audio CAD-300SEI single ended triode integrated amplifier, with upgraded PSVANE tubes. Good condition, perfect match with klipsch heresy. $4000 Whatsapp 90two95zerothree0 if keen. Low ballers will be ignored
  2. Congrats on your purchases. Did you need a shim for the hana on your rega?
  3. If what you are asking is whether it can just keep on playing songs after the first selected song from tidal ends, I believe it can't. It only plays from the playlist, which means you need to consciously select songs or whole albums and add it to the playlist. One of the reasons why I sold my lumin.
  4. Pass labs xp 25 or 27, esoteric e03, accuphase c37 (but may be difficult to find used)
  5. Would this be a good replacement for the wool mat that comes with rega p9, rp10, planar 10 models? Those often have an issue with sticking to records due to static
  6. I've had the same observations. My own uneducated guess is speakers have most impact, followed by source, preamp, power conditioning, power cable. Of course this assumes the power amps we are talking about are at a decent level.
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions. Will try out the duvet/comforter idea
  8. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on light weight sound treatment panels that I can hang on my TV when listening to music, and take it off when I'm done? Have seen a few of these on pictures but not sure where to buy in Singapore Thanks much
  9. Second Pete's suggestion to go for a second hand pm11s3. I previously had it with a c1, very smooth non fatiguing sound. Should be able to get a used one around low 3ish grand
  10. Anyone knows where to audition the jbl L100 classic? Thanks.
  11. Yes, with rega arm. They also sell 300000 cst if your prefer something less viscous. I prefer higher viscosity. A matter of preference
  12. I bought this, works well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2ml-Silicone-Damping-Oil-fluid-AK-500000-for-turntable-tonearm-lift/132902973151?hash=item1ef1a26edf:g:Od4AAOSwv0tU596Q
  13. 0.16 on my rega p9 Phone too heavy for my tien tt3 ;D
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